How to Avoid Hat Hair While Donning A Beanie? 9 Tips

Posted by amorphberlin on February 9th, 2019

Is there anything cosier than a cashmere beanie? They are super comfortable and trendy to wear. However, there is only one downside – the flat & fizzy beanie after effects, which can be annoying. So how can you avoid hat hair while putting on a stylish beanie? Fortunately, there’re many tips on how to keep your hair in prime condition without ruling out your favourite cashmere beanie. Seriously, there’re plenty of ways to add volume to flattened hair & smooth frizzed hair.

Whether you are wearing one to complement your stylish new ensemble or to combat chilled weather, beanies are just amazing. So, here are some super easy tips on how to keep the dreaded hair at bay while donning your favourite cashmere beanie in Berlin.

Ensure your hair is totally dry:

Yes, it’s quite tempting to put on a beanie over not-quite-dry hair on busy mornings. However, you better avoid such temptation because letting your hair dry & set underneath a beanie will only make your hat hair more stubborn.

Ensure your beanie fits:

The tighter your beanie, the worse the hat hair! Keep your hairstyle intact by investing on loose-fitting beanies.

Be careful when choosing your beanie:

Apart from proper fitting you also need to consider the material of your beanie. A rough beanie will fizz up your hair more compared to a smoother one. This is why cashmere beanies are always the best picks.

Prep your hair:

A quick texturising or spritz spray before you put on your beanie will undoubtedly help in keeping your hair from looking too flattened.

Hairsprays can be a good addition:

Now, even if your beanie did produce some hat hair, the situation can be reversible. A portable hairspray can be your best friend in such a case. Just flip your head upside down and spray away – you are all set ready.

A good salt spray is essential:

Wondering what else can revive your hair after being flattened by a beanie? What about putting on some good seal salt sprays or something identical?

Put some shine serum:

A shine serum or hydrating oil can help smooth your beanie frizz unbelievably.

Try reversing your hair in a top knot:

Worried about adding too much stuff on your hair? Simply tie it up into a top knot for some time, and you will see significant volume in your hair.

Style your hair pre-beanie:

You are possibly wearing a beanie most of the time because you did not have time to sort out your hair worries. However, if you have a minute or two, styles like a loose low pony or loose braids go great with a beanie, and they will lessen hat hair as well. There’re lots of amazing hairstyles that look great with beanies if you are seeking something a bit fancier.

So, these are some tips that you’d like to put into practice to avoid hat hair while putting on a beanie. Last but not least, to buy high-quality cashmere beanie in Berlin at a pocket-friendly price shop online rather offline.

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This article is written by Amorph – a leading online supplier of high-quality cashmere beanie in Berlin.

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