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Posted by rohanrj on February 9th, 2019

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INSTRUCTIVE LARGE FORMATS / cortadora de ceramica

Adhesive preparation and gluing

When preparing the ceramic / porcelain adhesive mix it is important to respect the proportions recommended by the manufacturer and use a low speed mixer such as IPERBET that will ensure that no air enters the mixture ensuring proper production of the adhesive. Most mixers work at high speeds which cause the air to enter the mix and can cause the adhesive not to be sufficiently uniform. If this happens, the performance of the adhesive may not be the desired one.

Once the adhesive is ready, the spreading trowel will be chosen according to the thickness of the plate. Always put adhesive on the plate and on the surface where the plate will be placed. It is advisable to place the trowel of greater number to glue the wall or floor and the one of smaller number for the plate, in this way the weight to be supported will be reduced at the time of moving the plate. It is important to keep in mind that the inclined trowels will provide the required design so that the adhesion between the plate and the folder is total. At the time of applying the adhesive, the same application address must be respected on the plate and in the folder as this will allow to effectively removing all the air Remainder between the surfaces to be glued once the plate is placed. It must be taken into account that the adhesive has a maximum time of exposure to air after which it will lose bonding capacity so this time should not be exceeded by the operations of gluing and positioning the plate, verify this time with the manufacturer of the adhesive.

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