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Posted by nadcabtechnology on February 9th, 2019

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A brief discussion Matrix/Unilevel Plan is must before getting into the "Unilevel Plan Software". It is a MLM compensation plan that permits you to sponsor only a single line of distributors, so whomever you finance remains on your forehead. The width of the plan is unlimited, but payment fees are done on a limited depth. An upline member can add as many downline members he wants in his or her list. As the plan is unlimited, the chain can be extended to the utmost length.

According to the plan, an upline can control the entire downline members, here the first upline member will get dividend of each downline member respectively. On a comparison, the plan is more simple, transparent and suitable than other MLM plans as its holding features make no inconvenience while explaining.

We Provide Best and Flexible Services in MLM Sector.

  • Nadcab Software tried its best to make the plan more simple and explanatory by adding software solutions to the plan.
  • The scheme is now more comprehensive and authenticated as it can be displayed in the public through the web services.
  • The online obtainable quality is an added advantage to it.
  • Include Unilevel Software in your mlm and system and earn customers and money at the same time.

Unilevel Plan MLM Software

Important points related to Matrix/Unilevel MLM plan:

  • With an unlimited single line of distributors for every member, this plan gives opportunity to every member for earning to the maximum possible limit.
  • This growth of the network in this plan is rapid as unlimited distributors can be sponsored by each member and more distributors mean more sales and more chances of income.
  • The developments happen quickly in this plan with members looking to make quick advancements by recruiting distributors under them.
  • The organization is run by a simple intention and this makes a clear path for the growth.
  • The appealing nature of this plan is related to the unlimited growth supported.
  • The network structure is the simplest and each member finds it easy to understand.
  • The simple nature of this plan is extended with support by a specially designed MLM software perfect for unlimited member management.
  • This plan can be made even more profitable with small adjustments and MLM companies generally apply some conditions to regulate the operations completely, additional exciting schemes or rewards can also be included.
  • The quick start nature of this plan gives it an edge over other popular MLM plans and also becomes a valid reason for organizations to opt for this plan.
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