OSRS Halloween Event 2017 Guide

Posted by smrtsmith on February 10th, 2019

There are nevertheless week OSRS Halloween event is resulting, will you be ready? In event, you could have chance to have a new skin tone - zombie blue from Makeover Mage OSRS as well as the Jonas mask apart from the rewards. Of course, you would like more cheap RuneScape gold.         
Learn the OSRS Halloween event 2017:         
1. Speak to Grim Reaper in Lumbrige Graveyard and OSRS Mobile Gold begin case. but before which you’d better bring tin ore, grain as well as a bucket of water to save a long time.         
2. Teleport to Varrock and Search the 6 Masked Strangers. And Gather some tomberries for the south-east Varrock mine.         
3. Go back to your Zamorakian altar and utilize the Murky Potion onto it to make Spectral Potion.         
4. When you are inside the hut about the island, please consider the blue tattered book in front on the sofa and make out the print to obtain the clues.         
5. Then in the letter you ought to decipher is CLAP.         
6. Find Jarvis whilst keeping a complete conversation         
7. Please tend not to send out, the correct chat option won’t appear.         
8. The answer on the riddle provided RuneScape Mobile Gold by Traiborn is SPIN, HEADBANG, and BLOWKISS         
9. Meet Jarvis with the dock around the island again, wear the diving gear and climb on the ladder to get Jonas.         
10. Trap Jonas and complete the wedding.  

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