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Posted by basshopper on February 10th, 2019

Welcome-Taxi is one of the best known car rental companies in Welcome-Taxi. Thanks to Welcome-Taxi's autonomous experience in the car rental market, the needs and wishes of customers are well known, a convenient system for booking a luchthaven taxi Innsbruck and then giving it back to autonomous representatives, and a large and varied car park with more than 50 cars.

In order to be able to provide car rental services effectively, we have determined that the car's start date should be two days higher than today's date. This allows us to guarantee that the rental car from the selected class will be available to you within the required time frame.

Welcome-Taxi offers:

car rental short term
long-term car rental
free rental car rental in Tyrol any time,
transfer services in Tyrol,
car driver services
24h assistance for autonomous customers every day

We compare car rental brands. Our range includes mini, economical, automatic, off-road, seven-seat cars, luxury cars and more. So whether you are looking for a car or a 9-seater, we will find it for you at the lowest price or pay the difference. Book your rental taxi Innsbruck today to get the lowest price.

Find out your car rental! Factors That Affect It!

determined by demand
Determining the rent for your car makes it difficult to be objective and determine exactly what it should be. We usually think about how much repairs are made, how much effort, care and sweat we have put, how much we have bought, how much to invest in insurance, road tax, cleaning, etc.

When determining the cost of your car rental, you should understand that the price is not determined by different car costs and your subjective car evaluation. Car rental price is determined by car demand! Price is one of the main reasons why a car is or is not booked. If you receive so many reservations that you can't rent a car for everyone, the rent may be too low and you may be able to increase it slightly. Most importantly: remember that your income depends on two numbers - your car rental and the number of rentals.

Fuel consumption and engine type

As the price of fuel is still quite high, fuel consumption is another important factor. The lower the fuel consumption, the higher the rent can be - the cost of a car is usually about the same as renting a car. If the lessee can save on fuel at a slightly more expensive car, usually a lower fuel consumption will be preferred. Also important is the type of engine: petrol, diesel or gas. It should be taken into account that diesel is leased more favorably than a car with a petrol engine. A gas-powered car is a more complicated case, because while it allows to reduce fuel costs, there are people who avoid renting a car with gas equipment.

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