Important Tips that Can Help You Ease Nasal Allergies

Posted by clenare on February 10th, 2019

Nasal allergies affect more than 200 million people across the globe. In India, nasal allergies are not as prominent as in abroad but due to heavy pollution these numbers have been growing larger each day. A few studies have shown that 3 in every 10 people in Delhi and NCR suffer from nasal allergies. Some of the common nasal allergies affect most Indians are Allergic Rhinitis and Hay Fever. To prevent such nasal allergies and other air-borne diseases, filtration products such as nasal filters and pollution masks have become more common in India.

What is Rhinitis?

It is a nasal allergy in which your nasal passage itch and the nose’s mucous membrane swells. The condition also causes your eyes to water and itch. Some people even experience consistent sneezing which often leads to headaches and could cause asthma and bronchitis. Some of the major causes of this condition are trees, grasses, weeds or pollen. This allergic reaction is also caused due to indoor irritants such as feathers, mould spores, pet dander (hair and skin shed by pets) and other allergic irritants present in the air. It is mostly experienced during the summer season. Another important point to note about rhinitis is that if you experience it regularly, it can cause year-round symptoms and irritation.

What are the other causes that make people susceptible to nasal allergies more than the others?

Nasal allergies can also be due to genetic inheritance. A certain genetic disposition towards allergies might be passed down from parents to children and so on. During the seasonal change, especially on the onset of spring season, the immune system of an individual is exposed to various types of allergens and forms allergy-specific antibodies (also known as immunoglobulins). These antibodies are present in the cells of your nose, eyes, lungs and skin. When an antibody and an allergen such as dust mites combine, our body releases histamine and other chemical substances into the bloodstream which cause an allergic response.

Remedies that Can Help a Little with Nasal Allergies

A few common remedies and preventive steps that can help you with nasal allergies are:

·         Use nasal filter and pollution masks before the allergic reaction begins.

·         Cover your nose, especially in the cold or dusty surroundings.

·         When you feel a slight congestion in your chest, take steam inhalation treatment.

·         Avoid sleeping in the open air.

·         Cover yourself and your nose properly before going to sleep.

·         Avoid going out on windy days, especially in spring time as it is the time when the amount of pollens are high in the air.

·         During windy day or in spring season or in cold, keep all the doors and windows close.

·         Wash your clothes more frequently and do not leave your clothes outside to dry especially if there is too much dust in the surrounding areas.

·         Drink tea made with natural antihistamines daily; include as many herbals as you can.

·         If it is not too cold or the season is not changing, take bath before going to sleep in order to wash out all the dust and pollen out.

·         Take your medicines regularly.

·         Visit your doctor regularly and make sure you follow all their instructions.

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