How To Process The Characteristics Of Pet Bottle Mould

Posted by preform nicole on February 11th, 2019

Pet Bottle Preform have certain production processes and methods in production. The processing methods of plastic bottles include: extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding, molding, lamination, casting, and the like.


The plastic bottle is passed through, blown, plastic heated to melt, and then pressed into a special blow mold and internal air pressure, pressure, mold plastic, forming the shape of the final product, because the shape of the bottle is outward pressure, so It is emphasized that when the bottle itself is inward, the heating temperature reaches a certain level, the plastic will be softened, and the resistance of the pressure will become smaller, so the bottle will become smaller and smaller.


The processing and production of plastic bottles in certain processing characteristics are handled according to a certain grace period of processing means to ensure the quality and performance of production and processing. Here are some plastic bottles with different processing characteristics:


Characteristic one, high shrinkage, reinforced plastic shrinkage is less than normal pressure, which is mainly caused by shrinkage of the composition and thermal shrinkage of the chemical structure. Factors affecting the contraction of the first plastic variety. Compared with general epoxy phenolic, epoxy phenolic, unsaturated polyester, etc., should be large, the smallest shrinking unsaturated polyester material. Then shrinkage and other factors affect the shrinkage of the shape and thickness of the plastic parts, large thick-walled, plastic and fiberglass, etc. The filling contains a small volume shrinkage, the volatile content is also very suitable for large shrinkage, pressure formation, volumetric load shrinkage, heat The shrinkage is much colder and lacks a large shrinkage cure peeling peel. Affecting the use of plastic bottles to reduce shrinkage and prevent the use of shrinkage has one of the important factors that shrinks, affecting the actual use effect.


Characteristic 2, strong fluidity, reinforced plastic material flow ratio average pressure difference, liquid resin is easy to produce excessive accumulation and glass loss respectively. When too small, the pressure and temperature formed will be significantly enhanced. Many factors influence the mobility to assess the mobility of certain materials and must be composed of specific analyses. Factors that affect the fluidity of Pet Bottle Mould.

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