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How to make a proper Business plan?

Posted by aakk750351 on February 11th, 2019

A formal business plan is invariably required by most of the businesses, whether small or big. Generally speaking businesses go in for a formal business plan under three scenarios:-
a. Start-ups or established businesses that need loan from banks. The business plan in this case typically needs to focus on the financial plans and projections of the business, market condition analyses and a brief on existing competitors in the market.
b. The internal business plan when an existing organisation plans to tap another industry vertical or increase its existing product line etc. In case of small businesses the business plan would be much simpler as compared to that of large-scale companies with multiple products and services and present throughout different geographical locations.
c. When looking out for equity financing, new business houses or ones with specialized technology or innovative product and services, may require venture capitalists or angel investors to invest money into the business. This is when they need the business plan to be done with due diligence so that the potential investors are impressed thoroughly to put their money in the business.
How Business Plan consultant can help you?
A business plan consultant will work hand-in-hand with the team of the business to prepare a plan that is relevant and practical after considering factors like:-

• Industry statistics
• The demand and supply opportunities in the market
• Profile of potential customers
• The competitive landscape – direct and indirect competitors
• the products and services of the business house
• revenue model of the business
• sales and marketing plans
• financial projections
• details of the top management and employees
• SWOT analysis of the business
• Details of the investment plan, their compensation, exit strategy for investors etc.
• Additional information like accolades, licenses, agreements etc.
Choosing the right business plan consultant is hence highly critical for not only defining an achievable goal for the business but also a practical approach to achieve the same and impressing external and internal audience simultaneously.
What are the things to be considered before hiring a business plan consultant?
A business house, small or big, planning to hire an external business plan consultant needs to ensure the following:-
• First and foremost is that the consultant should be certified to do the job.
• Second important parameter worth considering is whether the consultant has relevant experience in the particular domain or not. For example, a business looking at attracting investors will require more clarity on financial points like budgets, overheads, fixed costs, cash flows, sale forecasts, assets, projection of growth etc. And larger the business, the scale of funding is also going to be substantially higher which would require specialized skills for writing the business plan. However, if funding is not the primary objective and it is more to do with strategizing sales and marketing, the consultant needs to be experienced in that particular domain.

• Checking the credibility of the consultant is another important thing to do. What has been their record in creating successful business plans in the past? Are their previous customers satisfied with their work? Checking up on the business plan consultant website is good to understand his approach towards work.

It is essential to understand here that the growth or success of the business is largely dependent on the business plan. Hence if the consultant is not ready to collaborate and handhold with his client, it would not make sense to hire his services. From defining the mission statement to formalizing the exit strategy for investors, the consultant needs to on the same level as the business. This relationship also needs to be dynamic as the business plan is not a static document. The plan requires constant review and should evolve as the business grows. An annual review of the business plan where the consultant is involved too helps in conducting a structured gap analysis and update the same if decision is taken to the same effect. Drafting and writing the document too requires expertise and cannot be treated casually.

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