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Sects and cults cannot be well differentiated because most of them have similar features such as rejecting the world values and instead provide alternative explanations to the traditional values and beliefs. A sect is small in their sizes with tight-knitted members of the group. The sects always do not agree with mainstream values, and they aim to change the society to be a much better place. On the other hand, cults are loosely knit, and they do not expect much commitment from its members. They also do not hold any concrete beliefs. This paper will provide a summary of the terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo. , I will talk about the operating environment in which this group conducts attacks, how it is a fund, its targets, and other recent activities. I will also show Aum Shinrikyo is a threat to the oversee assets of the United States (Reader, 2000).
Aum Shinrikyo is a doomsday cult of the Japanese that in 1984 by Shoko Asahara. In 1995, it carried out a deadly sarin attack in Tokyo subway making the first time to attain international notoriety. The previous year, the group was also responsible for another sarin attack, but a much smaller scale. The cult broke into two groups the Alph and Aum in 2007 (Danzig, Sageman and Hosford, 2008). It combines the tenants of Hinduism, and Buddhism and it is obsessed with the apocalypse. The Tokyo subway system attack by the cult members made the group is known all over the world. The attackers released sarin, a nerve agent into train cars leading to the killing of twelve people and causing injuries to more than six thousand people. They had to be given immediate medical attention (U.S State Department, 2010). Aum Shinrikyo is among the terrorist organization because of the 1995 attack. It also had previously conducted chemical and biological attacks.
Aum Shinrikyo area of operation is mainly in Japan’s cities. Though the group has attempted to improve its public images as well as moderate its cult’s religious beliefs. It is still under strict surveillance by the Japanese authorities. The attack on Tokyo was in the tourist city of Matsumoto in women’s restroom in Kayaba-Cho subway station in the Hibiya line. Also in Yokohama, Keihin line, there were complaints from twenty people about foul odor and sore throats as well as Shinjuku Ward location Tokyo. The weeks and months that followed on March 20, 1995, attack several leaders of Aum Shinrikyo were arrested.
After the subway attack, Japanese authorities had to reinvestigate the case and found out that Aum was to blame for the mysterious attacks using sarin in the residential neighborhood (Chronology, 1995). The attack was in 1994 that that insured about one hundred people and killed seven people. In the recent times, Russian officials arrested several followers of Aum because of their plans to bomb the Japanese Imperial Palace as an attempt of freeing Asahara. Just like any other international terrorist group, Aum is a threat to many countries of the world including the United States and its assets abroad (Kyle, 2001).
The subway attack by the Aum Shinrikyo group shows the world how easy it is for a small group of terrorist or cult with limited means to get engaged in chemical warfare. It also shows that groups that are an in with rogue states pose great risks to national security. Sarin is a highly toxic substance that is in both gaseous and liquid forms. It is a highly volatile agent that was in the 1930s. The United States and other international countries should take vigorous steps in stamping out terrorist groups that use dangerous chemical weapons to harm the public.

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