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?Pretty Woman: The Musical? Review

Posted by tickets4musical on February 12th, 2019

Pretty Woman: The Musical is a total adaptation of 1990’s third-highest rating film “Pretty Woman”, and by total I literally mean a complete copy. Want to see Pretty Woman: the Musical live in theatre? Cheap Pretty Woman The Musical Tickets are on sale now at With music & lyrics by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, a Garry Marshall’s book and J. F. Lawton the musical follows the same story pattern, dialogues and even dresses.

The story is about a prostitute, Vivian Ward who is offered to be the escort of a wealthy man Edward Lewis, to some of his social and business events in exchange of 3000 dollars. During that time Vivian Stays at a hotel suite with Edward as their relationship evolves into a much closer one.

However the themes be same, the different in delivering out performance is too vivid to not notice. Especially in that red dress scene, the red dress Julia Robert wore at the climax of the film was never to be worn again yet we see Samantha Barks as the musical version Vivian wearing the same dress.

The show is nevertheless is a big success and people are buying their tickets. If you are also a fan and want to get Discount Pretty Woman The Musical Tickets, you’ll be happy to know they are available at

For those of you who doesn’t understand what scene am I talking about the scene is when Vivian the Robert’s character had to attend an opera her first one to be precise with Edward who paid for her companionship. She happens to be one with the said dress and Edward smitten as he was presents her with a red box, which has a shockingly expensive necklace. Edward lightheartedly opens the box and shuts it abruptly erupting an impulsive laughter/shout out of Vivian. This scene marks the point where many of us just knew the woman we are watching right now will someday become a big actress.

The same scene happened in the musical as well but it was rather awkward than the joyous moment in the film. Samantha Barks the Vivian in musical, chuckled feebly, portraying a sense of embarrassment and on the other hand, Andy Karl as Edward, seemed somewhat uncomfortable. Get cheap tickets for the show at Tickets4musical. Enter Cheapest Pretty Woman The Musical Tickets on checkout to earn special discount. Julia Roberts had received a Golden Globe Award and a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress was outlandish in her role. The way she painted Vivian, it might be hard to accept someone trying to take her place for us.

With due respect Samantha Barks is a talented actress herself best her for her role in “Les Miserables” as Eponine. But with wearing costumes and delivering lines from the film she was not provided much air to express herself freely. The creators of the musical have carved it stiflingly close to the film copying the same story, quips and dialogues. Rather than retailoring Vivian according to Barks talent, the creative had her play Vivian expecting too much from her to compare Roberts’ non-depraved charm.

Most of the time Barks’ discomfort became obvious but it was nothing compared to Karl’s. The Musial performer who have given knock out performances in his career seemed forced to be doing the role. Want to see them perform? Here’s your chance, Click Here to Get Your Cheap Pretty Woman The Musical Tickets. Still the stage settings by David Rockwell are as groundbreaker as ever plus with Kenneth Posner and Phillip S. Rosenberg’s lighting there is no comparing the friendly happy feelings they give off.

Pretty Woman: The Musical is doing great at box office a proof that, there is still height of appeal for the clone makers on Broadway. The biggest highlight of the show was Allison Blackwel’s declaration of farewell to love in “La Traviata”. The real passion lied in that one performance.

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