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Posted by eliteinternet02 on February 12th, 2019

There are a number of reasons for you to wear catheters. Sometimes you need them after a major surgery so that doctors can monitor your urine and sometimes people need them for long-term use when they suffer from health issues. Before you buy a catheter, you need to understand its advantages and disadvantages. 

There are a wide variety of urinary catheter types, like indwelling, intermittent and condom. Each of these serves a different purpose, but is basically used for the same the reason and that is for the removal of urine from the bladder. If you want to avoid any risk of infection, you need to know everything about them. 

An intermittent catheter is an external catheter, which is used for short-term only. They are removed as soon as urine stops. Indwelling catheters are for long-term use. They are placed right into the bladder and are left there. The procedure of inserting these catheters is pretty uncomfortable, as it goes through the urethra and reaches the bladder. It is immensely painful for the men. One of downsides of this catheter is that you are vulnerable to a UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. 

The condom catheter is another type of catheter for men. It eliminates the pain linked with the indwelling catheters. It also reduces the risk of urinary tract infection. 80% of men contract a UTI from the indwelling type. All the catheters need at least one additional supply like the drainage bag. Urine is stored in the drainage bag. There are two main types of drainage bags, a leg bag, which is worn around the leg and is not noticeable when it is worn under pants. 

A down drain is a larger bag that is used primarily during the nighttime, since the bag is able to store more urine. It can either be placed on the floor or can be hung from the bed. Proper care of the drainage bag needs to be taken. Most of the drainage bag is to be emptied within eight hours or even sooner when it is full. Soaking the bags and catheters in some amount of vinegar and water not only cleans them but disinfects them, too. You can also explore more professional ways of cleaning catheters and drainage bags. 

There are different types of catheters and cleaning them on regular basis is an important part of their maintenance. You can have a look at the entire top rated male external cathetersand buy the one that suits your needs and budget per your convenience. Once you have zeroed in on the brand and the type you want to purchase, just make sure that you clean them well regularly. to learn more about their great products and order online.

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