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Posted by blesslife on February 12th, 2019

You must be aware of the Gen Pharma franchise business and PCD Pharma Franchise. Both terms look almost similar with one having PCD word before it and other is missing the same. But it is not that simple. Although the very nature of both Gen Pharma franchise and PCD Pharma franchise business is same i.e. offering the franchise partnership to the interested buyer, but there are some differences. Let’s clear this confusion and explore the differences between the terms.

Difference between Gen Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma Franchise

Investment: In ordinary Pharma franchise the franchisee needs to invest a heavy amount to avail the franchise rights but in PCD Pharma franchise the investment is nominal and small.

Product Line: In PCD Pharma franchise model, there is a limited no. of products and in Gen Pharma franchise the product line is wide. 

Operation area: In Gen Pharma franchise, the franchise partner allotted a big area like a full state to run the franchise. On the other hand in PCD Pharma franchise, the franchise partner offered a small operation area or territory like a district, zone or a city to run the business. In a city, there can be more than one or two PCD Pharma franchise partners but can be one or no Pharma franchise partner.

Credit Benefits: Usually while starting a new Gen Pharma franchise, the Pharma Company facilitates the franchisee with credit loan from the Bank or provides credit but in PCD Pharma franchise Model Company does not extend such help. 

Qualification & Experience: Pharma Companies demand a certain qualification like they prefer graduates having a good experience of 4-5 years in Pharma field but on the contrary, in PCD Pharma franchise there are no such criteria. Any intermediate and novice person can be a PCD Pharma franchise partner of a Pharma Company. 

Sales Target: PCD Pharma franchise partners are free from the usual sales targets. On the other hand in Gen Pharma franchise, the franchise partners have to meet the sales targets.


General Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma Franchise are more or less the same and the major difference is the scale of business they operate. PCD model is a new concept and PCD franchisee workload is limited as compared to Gen Pharma franchise partners. If you are less experienced or novice entrepreneur then PCD Pharma franchise is good to start and if you have a satisfactory experience in Pharma field then welcome to Gen Pharma Franchise.

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