You must know: Why are Developers Planning to Drift Towards React Instead of Ang

Posted by Victor Bajaj on February 12th, 2019

Freelance Meanstack Developer will agree on the fact that both angle and reaction are open-source front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

Since Angular came much earlier than React, so it became one of the most widely used programming languages to build the best web applications.

Some drawbacks of angular:

  • One of the factors that force developers to look beyond angular, was a tough learning curve. In addition, it offered various methods to fulfill the same task, which often confuses the developers to take the best approach.
  • Javascript was mandatory to use angular. Apart from this, it was also mandatory for all the developers whether the full time or you Hire Freelance Meanstack Developer to have knowledge of MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern, which can be very time-consuming.
  • Although using two-sided binding can prove to be beneficial, but if we look at it in larger terms, it only creates more complexity and affects the performance of the web app.
  • Testing and debugging performance dependencies on DOM makes it difficult to test and debug.
  • There are more than 2000 watchers that can slow the UI considerably.

React as an alternative:

Developers have found that one of the best replacement is to switch to the reactor instead of angular. Now the question is why React? So, one obvious reason is that React is basically a JavaScript library that is used to create user interfaces developed by Facebook.

Therefore, you can not put it in the framework category. However, like angular, you can develop single-page applications and even write self-contained components.
Contrary to angular, it allows unilateral data binding and encourages the practice of virtual document object models. This component also uses lifecycle methods to execute the code at fixed points in case of failure. In addition, it allows the implementation of JSX which helps in structuring component rendering and uses known syntax.

For those who are well-accustomed to using angular and are experienced in this framework, they will have some difficulty switching to react due mainly to the single-route data flow method.
However, as you use it and practice techniques, you will probably find it easier than angular and will enjoy creating high standard user interfaces.

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