Types and Tips for Students to Write an Art Essay

Posted by raytrey on February 12th, 2019

This is why the writing on any art topic is not merely to describe the topic or its salient features, rather it is always a real challenge for the students because you have to provide your critical analysis on the art topic as well, i.e., how do you see, feel, or experience an artistic work along with your justifications.

If you have to write a high-quality essay, you must have a sound knowledge of various types of art writings, relevant terminologies, and perceptions.

1. Image Writing

            It explains the images through in-depth analysis and exploration of various symbols. For instance, a painter or photographer may highlight a subject in a particular sense, however, after evaluating critically, an author may reveal that the features in a painting elaborate a different story. This is widely known as iconography.

2. Biographical Writing

            In this kind of art essay, you have to read out the personal life of the artist and his/her reflections on the crafted work. This type of essay requires in-depth knowledge and high-level skills to evaluate the stuff critically.

3. Formal Analysis

            In this essay, you have to examine and explain multiple aspects of the artwork. Normally, the tone must be quite formal, like a dialogue between two or more people to discuss different facets of a certain piece of art. In a nutshell, the purpose is to familiarize the reader about the artwork being discussed.

4. Sociological Essay

            It deals a specific era in history and explains how that timeframe has certain impacts on your topic. The horizon of sociological artwork topics may broaden as it may also involve generalized concepts like effects of the economy on arts, women seeking social equality in society, etc.

Tips Before Writing the Essay

In case, you are going to discuss a specific artwork or some ancient work in history, always prefer a chronological order in writing. However, if you have to write down specific elements of artwork, then it is better to apply a spatial format in your essay.

            (a)        Examine the medium of artwork, its relevant merits, and demerits in the art.

(b)       How did the artist use the colors? Do the colors provide a natural look? Does the writer seem aggressive or cool in using the colors?

(c)       What kind of lines are used in the painting? The bold, light, vertical, horizontal, or curved lines? What could be the purpose in the artist’s mind to use these lines?

(d)       How does the artist use the light? Is it a shadow or bright sunshine? What is the color of the sky? Is there any cloudy weather in the artwork?

(e)       Examine the style of the artist – whether the work highlights some unique features of the artist or it deals with some specific era or traditions?

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