How to Save Bandwidth (and Data Usage) While Streaming Videos

Posted by Ramon Marshall on February 12th, 2019

Streaming videosis a popular (and favorite) pastime for many people. Whether it’s a movie night splurge on Netflix in a family get-together, or binge watching the latest episode of a captivating series on Amazon, video streamingstands out as a fun and relaxing activityafter a long day (or week!) of hustling.

Entertaining as it may be to watch TV shows and movies on the internet, it comes at a cost. Oops, costdata!

Video streaming uses lots of data and bandwidth. Unfortunately, too much for the liking of most internet plans.

Consumers, who regularly stream videos online, often find their “allowable” data download capacity full to the brim way before a month’s end.In addition, throttling also remains a common complaint as ISPs may purposely slow down the internet connection following increased bandwidth consumption. In either case, the whole video streaming experience can become punitive.

What can you do to make sure you enjoy an uninterruptedvideo streaming experience while keeping your bandwidth and data usageintact?

Here are a few tips that you can try out:

Take Advantage of Free Zone Hours

Some internet service providers, such as Viasat and HughesNet, offer customers free data zones during off-peak hours. What this means is that you can use internet in a free data zone without it counting toward your data cap.

So start taking advantage of the free zone hours offered by your ISP and go video wild; stream videos or download them for later viewing without worrying about data issues.

Stream in Standard Definition

We know you like the crisp visuals of high definition (HD). But ask yourself: do youreally need to stream videos in HD at all times? Probably not.

Then why not save on bandwidth and data bundle by watching videos in standard definition?You can actually reduce your bandwidth and data consumption by more than 50 percent should you choose to do so.

Think about it!

Close All Other Online Applications Running In the Background

Lastly, while streaming videos, make sure that all other online applications running in the background are closed. This will help you avoidunnecessary consumption of bandwidth and data, improving your video streaming experience.

If you think that your ISP is offering you a below par internet plan with a much limited bandwidth and data cap, you can always switch to a new service provider.

KonectEaze provides a complete list of ISPs operating in your area with the plans that they offer. This way you can compare their services and conveniently shop for the best internet dealfor your home or office.

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