Simple Tips to Make A Small Bedroom Look Great

Posted by Avanica on February 13th, 2019

When we think of the perfect bedroom, we picture a spacious room with large furniture and everything we want in life. However, this isn’t always what we get. If you have a small bedroom, you may feel like you can’t do much with it.

This is where you are wrong. There are so many ways to make a small bedroom look great, and a few simple tips can go a long way.


White is the recommended color for small spaces, and there is so much you can do with white. Use different shades of white to make a small bedroom look spacious but not plain or dull. You can also use splashes of bright colors in the room to make it stand out from all the white.

If you aren’t a fan of lighter shades, however, you can still go with bold colors. The trick is to balance it in a way that your bedroom doesn’t look crowded.

Make use of windows

If your bedroom is small, a simple tip to make it look great would be to get the maximum out of the windows in the room. Instead of having your bed in the middle of the room, push it against a window. You can also use color and décor to use windows to add an illusion of space.

Don’t use rich and bulky fabric for your curtains. This will make a small room look even smaller, and will also make it stuffy. Instead opt for sheer curtains that will add a sense of lightness to your bedroom.


When it comes to creating the illusion of space, mirrors are also a great investment. A mirror wall will make a bedroom look much larger than it is. You can choose from an array of designs and sizes from stores that sell online furniture Canada.

Let the light in

One of the reasons small rooms feel very stuffy is because we don’t make use of natural lighting. By having sheer curtains and keeping them open or pulled aside during the day will let the light into your bedroom.

Storage space

Getting rid of all clutter is a simple way to make a small bedroom look great. Get rid of everything you can do without and make space for your essentials. No matter how much clutter you get rid of, however, there will always be a need for storage space.
If your bedroom is small, what you can do is maximize on whatever storage space you have. You can use your headboard as storage space. If you want bookshelves, you should choose floor to ceiling shelves so that you make use of all space available to you.

Just like maximizing on storage space, multi-functional furniture is another simple way to make a small bedroom look great. Luxury furniture stores will have many options for multi-functional furniture that you can use to your benefit.

The right furniture

The best way to make a small bedroom look spacious is by using the right furniture. Stores like Avanica Canada have a variety of bedroom furniture that you can use to make a small space look bigger.

When it comes to furniture, there are two things to keep in mind. One is to go with furniture made to fit. This will ensure that you make use of all the space available to you. However, if you can’t have furniture made, you should look for solid wood furniture that perfectly fits the space you have.

When you are shopping for furniture, have the right measurements with you so that you don’t end up buying the wrong sizes and even shapes.

Another simple tip to make a small bedroom look great is to opt for furniture that are raised from the floor. Chairs that don’t have feet or a gap between the seat and the floor will make the room look more crowded.

Furniture with legs showing, on the other hand, look smaller and take up less space. There are many great pieces to choose from stores like Avanica Canada.

With the right furniture, colors, and décor you can easily make any small bedroom look great. Do a little research about furniture and stores that specialize in online furniture Canada to make the most out of the space you have.

Author Bio: Marcus Stewart is a retired Calgary journalist, currently working as a digital content developer for a private magazine publishers in Ontario Canada. He is writing contents about luxury furniture stores, shopping malls, restaurants etc,  for the business column of the magazine. 


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