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Posted by Flag China on February 13th, 2019

Custom car flags are the ideal means of advertising for new and used car dealers, car rentals, but also for fan clubs, sports matches, etc. Car flag can be printed with the company logo, sports club, but also state flag or customer information etc.

Drop - This type of Car flag ensures visibility and legibility of the advertising motif even in the cold. This is a drop-shaped flag holder that attaches to the top edge of the car's side window.

Straight flag - this is a plastic holder with a rectangular flag of approximately 30 x 20 cm or 40 x 30 cm. This Custom made car flags is designed to be attached to the top edge of the car's side window. The construction is white; the stick length is 33 or 43 cm.

Fixing both types of Car flags is very simple and fast. Open the side window, fit the flag holder on the top of the Glass, and closes the window. Car flags are only for standing cars.

Some point’s need that should be kept in mind before using car flags and banners:-

The Cars flag banners  has to loosen freely so that it does not interfere with the masts, trees, wires, walls of buildings, etc. In the stormy weather or strong wind above 40km / h, the flag must be removed to prevent it from being damaged. The flag must be washed in time before the dirt is permanently fixed to the flag thread.

A flag of 100% PES flags can be washed in every conventional washing machine with the addition of brand detergents at a wash temperature of up to 60 ° C in the loose spin cycle. The heavily polluted piece can be treated with a slight change using liquid soap. Scratching or intense scrubbing is unfavorable to the flag. We do not recommend that the flag be subjected to chemical cleaning or a gas bath. It could damage the color consistency. Do not put the flag in the tumble dryer in any way. It is not common or necessary to iron it. For interior decoration it can be ironed with respect to the base material, ie the temperature prescribed for 100% PES. For outdoor use, it is better to hang the flag still wet on the flagpole.

Custom car window flags

Handmade handrails with a PVC handle of approx. 50 cm, flag size about 20 x 30 cm are the ideal promotional carrier for reuse. Their use is wide, whether for various corporate events and presentations, sporting events such as decoration of sales areas, organization of cultural events, electoral campaigns.

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