Winetainer Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2018-2028

Posted by vakhas on February 13th, 2019

Global Winetainer Market: Overview

A winetainer is a stainless steel or plastic container used to ferment and store wine. Winetainers are mostly made from stainless steel and include a dimpled heat exchange surface to facilitate targeted cooling of the wine. Winetainers come with a standard food grade interior weld finish which ensures high weld quality and container integrity. Winetainers are usually made of 302 and 304 stainless steel composition.

Thermowell for temperature monitoring, manway sizes, pressure release valves, thermostat mounting brackets and sanitary racking fittings are some of the components of the winetainer. Winetainers have a sloped bottom for easy drainage. Winetainers are available in capacities ranging from 120-790 gallons. The sloped winetainer bottom 2” 90° elbow outlet in “no heel” facilitates complete drainage. The dimpled heat exchanger in the winetainer helps in better cooling of wine by disturbing the laminar flow pattern of wine and hence, the wine cools quickly.

Global winetainer market is expected to witness a steady growth and will be supported by continued favorable gains in domestic wine consumption and production. Oak barrels are not usually used by wine manufacturers as winemakers understand the impact of oak on the cost of production of wine. Growth in the wine industry across the globe will drive the Global Winetainer market during the forecast period.

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Global Winetainer Market: Dynamics 

Wine makers do not go for oak barrels as they are heavy, space-consuming and a primitive way of storing wine. The advent of the wooden barrel represented a quantum leap for wine manufacturers as wood barrels make a much more durable shipping container. Wine oak barrels are considerably expensive and the prices of these barrels vary from country to country.

The high prices of oak barrels have been driving the winetainer market. Wine aged in wooden barrels undergoes extreme evaporation loss. The same wine, when aged in a winetainer made from stainless steel, experiences much lesser evaporation loss. Winetainers are an economic choice for wine makers as compared to wooden barrels.

That apart, significant labor is required for maintaining wooden barrels. Winetainers have a manway-size opening for easy operability. Storage and stacking of barrels requires a lot of space, which leads to both high cost of building as well as high demand for energy to heat or cool the area. Winetainers come inbuilt with the dimpled heat exchanger which facilitates efficient cooling of wines. Increasing wine consumption globally will fuel the winetainer market during the forecast period. According to the Wine Market Council, millennials consume almost 40% of all the wine in the U.S, more than any other age group.

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