10 Fairly Easy, Inexpensive Tips To Driving More Traffic To Your Site

Posted by StevenHWicker on February 13th, 2019

  1. Make sure all written work product is free of typographical errors.

A company’s website is a digital representation or manifestation of the company itself.  It can (and probably will) be seen by more people than the corporate offices of the company in question.   Accordingly, there is nothing more destructive to a company’s corporate image than to have a website that is replete with typographical errors.  What that says about the company is that there is a lack of attention to detail.  If one shows a lack of attention to detail with regard to the website, then it stands to reason, that the individuals working in that business will likewise show a lack of attention to detail as to the underlying business encompassed by the website.  For these reasons, it is important to insure that your business website is absolutely free of any and all typographical errors. Simi Valley Web Designers

Although “typos” may not stop existing customers from returning to your site, they may discourage new customers from ever coming back.  So, why take the chance, particularly when it is just a matter of proofreading the site periodically to insure that the site (and any updates) are free from typographical errors.  For those of you who do not wish to be bothered with something as boring as proof reading, e-copywritersplus.com will perform proofreading for your site for a fee.   Call us for more details.

  1. Demonstrate proper grammar at all times.

For the same reasons as Item 1, it is important to avoid grammatical errors, particularly if you are member of an esteemed profession (such as law or banking), or you’re in an industry that involves large sums of money.  Grammatical errors speak volumes about your business.  It says that the author or owner of the business is not ready for the “big time”.  Don’t fall prey to this problem.  Just as typographical errors are poisonous to new business; errors in grammar can have the same affect.

  1. Keep the content current and interesting.

Now that we are well into the digital age, access to information is no longer static.  Information is delivered in an ever-flowing stream.  As such, it behooves you to stay abreast of all significant changes affecting your industry.  This is why it is important to write and maintain a blog (see item 7 below).  Even if you do not elect to write and maintain a blog, it is good practice to constantly review your website to make sure that it reflects the most current information with respect to your particular industry, business or profession.

  1. Write and publish press releases to announce all major developments for your business.

This actually relates more to Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”) than anything else.  Since there are literally thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of media sources nowadays, each is under tremendous pressure to deliver new content for their readers or target audiences.  Press releases help to provide the content that is required by these media outlets.  The following is a link to a blog that has some helpful tips on how to write an effective press release. 

  1. Use fairly common, relevant keywords throughout your site.

This item (like item 4) also relates more to SEO than anything else.  Since keywords are the method through which potential customers generally find your site, then it is important to put as many searchable keywords in your site as is possible in order to drive the most traffic to your site.  To put it in fisherman’s terms, the larger the net the more fish you can catch.  This is also the case with regard to internet traffic.  The more searchable keywords you use in your site, the more traffic will be driven to the site. Seo Optimization Company Simi Valley

  1. Use images that help to convey the message of the site, and use keywords to describe those images.

 Search engines assign a high level of significance to images that are incorporated into your site.   Therefore, if you have any photos or images that are a part of your site, be sure to ascribe to these images descriptive keywords that are relevant to the image and the site itself.   I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, the same thing can be said for internet traffic.  An image with relevant keywords as part of its description is worth a thousand clicks.

  1. Write a blog with updated posts as often as possible.

Some “so called” experts suggest that you should do blog posts weekly.  I am of the opinion that quality is far more important than quantity.  Therefore, I would suggest that you post a blog post when (and only when) you have something important to say about your business---- whether that is a new product or a new service that you are seeking to promote.  At the end of the day, you’re trying to get a loyal group of steady readers that are constantly returning to your site.  In order to engender that sort of loyalty, it is important to write blog posts that are relevant to the site, and interesting to your target audience.   Remember, one great blog post is better than four mediocre ones.  Believe it.

  1. Maintain an aggressive social media campaign, and link it to your website.

This pretty much goes without saying--- social media is king.   As such, it is important to establish a social media presence (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin at the very least), and keep these pages current--- even if it is no more than two or three lines for each post.   This is not only a great way to find new clients/customers but it’s an excellent way to identify and hire new talent as employees of your business.

  1. Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet…

This is really just a restatement of item 8, above, with a special emphasis on one particular social medium---- that being Twitter.   Since there are always conversations taking place on twitter on a vast array of topics, all you have to do is find a hashtag that is relevant to your site, and then establish a twitter feed (ideally on a daily basis) that is relevant to that on-going conversation.  You can do this by using the same hashtag as that of the original conversation.

  1. Post relevant photos on Instagram, with links to your website.

Just as I alluded to in item 6 above, images go a long way in terms of driving traffic to your site.  Since you already will have photos incorporated into your site, it is good practice to also post those images on Instagram.  Of course, you will also wish to link all such photos to your site.

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