3 Tips on Finding The Perfect Retirement Residential Park Home

Posted by Grandeur Lifestyle on February 13th, 2019

You are approaching retirement, and you finally want to escape the responsibilities of running a large house. Perhaps, a park home which is economical to run and doesn’t involve too much of housework is what you need. There are over 2000 different residential park homes in the UK, which means selecting one that matches your expectations could get really difficult. So, if you are looking to buy your first retirement residential park home, the following tips can help ensure you find your perfect match:

1. Figure out where you would like to live in the country- You need to decide which part of the country you want to live in. Only then would you be able to look at the different parks and park houses in the area. Location also affects the cost of the park home. Some of the most stunning residential parks in the UK include Little Eden Country Park, Applegrove Country Park, Riverside Luxury Lodges, Glendevon Residential Park, Malton Grange Country Park, Moffat Manor Holiday Home Park, and Riverview Residential Park, among others.

2. Consider your budget and financing options- If you are going to sell your current property to be able to move into your new retirement, house, then your budget would largely be dependent upon its value. If your require finance to purchase your new retirement park home, then your park owner would be able to advise your on what’s available and should come up with some really good suggestions for you that are in sync with your expectations.

3. Do not forget the ongoing costs that you will need to pay- Much like buying a traditional property; you will need to pay a deposit to reserve your property and later, the payable balance upon completion. To handle the entire purchase process, you would also be required to pay a sum of money to the solicitor. Then, not to forget the ongoing costs that will also be payable, like gas, electricity, water, etc.

One of the UK’s leading premium holiday park owners that has acquired many parks and prides itself on carefully selecting park locations that are known for their natural beauty, offer retirement park homes and luxury lodges in a few of the most picturesque regions in the UK. Want to enjoy a peaceful life? Reserve your dream retirement park home today.

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