How to Use Technology in Education (21st century education)

Posted by Albern on February 13th, 2019

Hi this is IPad Rental and today we’d like to talk about technology and the role of place and twenty first century education. Technology is by far the most popular topic can send in twenty century education and many of the articles on  different blogs about just that and to lead some of those articles is the ideas come. Technology is still seems to be the central focus. So the purposes of this articles is two faults.

  1. To address some of the misconceptions about technology.
  2. How to implement technology and use in a practical pragmatic way.

To address some of the misconceptions about technology.

So let's cut the negatives the other way first. Personal we are going to make this point very clear that technology is not the solution to twenty first century education. Technology is simply a tool to aid education and learning. Also technology should not be talk as a separate schools subject. As a tool technology should be used in all classrooms any learning concerning technology should be based around the theme all the object is of the class.

Another issue have we technology at the moment is the poor investment in search technology we feel that too many school, boards of schools have squandering money on technology that they don't actually know what it's for, how to use it and because they spent some much money on technology. They liked the funding to actually train that they just properly know how to use it.

 So at the end result of this is that things are just interactive whiteboard end up being glory far TV says in the classroom or simply used your regularly whiteboards. When schools cut corners in terms of spending on technology the result of this is that the things that they do by already outdated before the important.

For technology to be relevant constant investment has to be made in that technology and it's real and updating and we think with the cup back to the government spending that this is amplifiers is problem that twenty first century education that revolves around technology in their mind is to something that's invisible to implement.

 We think that any investment in technology has to be made very consciously of the reasons why and how it's going to be implemented within the school otherwise money down the drain.

We  like to give an example of this, firstly one of the key aspects of twenty first century education is to merge students and tech learning, however if only investing in interactive whiteboard all this leaders to exact opposite. It comes back to scented learning because that interactive whiteboard becomes the teachers gadget and because of that it just least and more and more a teacher talking time.

So although we do believe that interactive whiteboard extremely useful within classrooms and within education. We also think that an equal amount of investment needs to go into other technology for the students because even that you have these touch screen you can have multiple people use in the board of the same time you can't have a class thirty kids all interacting without board directly. They need to have an alternative technology to indirect together. Quite after that technologies too expensive for any school to buy and the functionality of that technology can be very limited too.

How to implement technology and use in a practical pragmatic way.

The technology is used at the moment many teachers think is twenty first century education consist of use an interactive game and quiz. So it's like taking a paper based tests and then making a digital and while this gives teachers and students immediate feedback a student performance. It just maintains the status quo on fact based learning and completely ignored that's high level thinking skills that with dressed in wire videos. Anyway enough of the negatives so this move on now and think about practical and not gimmicky ways of using technology in education.

As we mention before technology is a tool move away from a fact based learning and allows students to do a lot of the research into facts using the internet. At the same time these students are learning very valuable research skills which then transpired to high levels of education at university and beyond.

Technology can be used enhance critical thinking and critical literacy skills, evaluating the legitimacy and accuracy of online content is a central power of twenty first century education. It's also important for young people to understand the marvels and ethics of using this online content. As you will have seen on the news there are many instances of bullion online. We believe the key reason for this is the anonymity of the internet, so therefore I think the school should teach about responsibility and accountability in the use of technology in the class and beyond.

So another important point is the use of technology for collaboration among students and teachers we believe that technology and social media allows people to share ideas, a wireless arguable a digital media can be kind of medium less and destruct to the push of a better still feel that he gives students have voice when they wouldn't over the wise have been heard.

At the same time as we IPad Rental mentioned before about critical thinking we feel that students also need to how to do with criticism how to give criticism and how to deal with the host of other issues consent itself with online content. We think one of the most exciting aspects of technology in education is this used for designing creativity.

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