Hire An Enrolled Agent To Save Your Business From Financial Crisis

Posted by Naira on February 14th, 2019

Are you experiencing tax troubles? Do you want to save your business from the financial crisis before it's too late? Contact an enrolled agent.

Research says millions of businesses face the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in adversarial exchange every year. While, some of them involve in simple issues that can be easily resolved, too many of them are like financial nightmares. The drastic situation may arise when businesses do not understand how to approach the IRS’ communication, or IRS made an error to instruct them on the rights available to correct it. Whatever the situation, the good is, financial matters can be handled or resolved if you play smart and make a sensible decision of hiring an enrolled agent at the initial level.

Who is an Enrolled Agent (EA)?

Enrolled agents are tax advocates who are certified by the IRS. They help businesses as well as individuals in preparing and filing their taxes. The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) says EA is a professional designation for an Enrolled Agent. EA or Enrolled agents are tax professionals who help you with your business and personal tax returns. The role of these agents is quite similar to CPA’s and tax attorneys. They are responsible for representing you before the IRS, in all matters except for Tax Court, where you will be represented by an attorney.

How Enrolled Agents Help Small Businesses?

Instead of hiring tax companies, give a call to a professional enrolled agent and save your hard-earned money. EAs are less expensive and are responsible to identify more areas where you can get tax relief benefits. With a professional enrolled agent, you can fix various tax issues that are commonly experienced by taxpayers.

Tax legislation updates: The lack of knowledge on the latest tax news can cause penalty for the taxpayer, regardless who prepares and files taxes.

Irrelevant information: Providing the false information to the IRS can lead to very serious repercussions.

Auditing: This issue can be avoided with the help of enrolled agents.

For small businesses, hiring an EA is an excellent way to consult and receive guidance when it comes to forming the start up classification i.e. LLX, Inc., sole proprietorship, and so on. Choosing an enrolled agent who can provide additional services like payroll and bookkeeping can be beneficial in saving start up costs and provide ultimate experience when tax season comes around.

Author’s Bio: This article is all about an enroll agent and their roles and responsibilities.

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