Shopping for the Best Sauna Supplies

Posted by heaters4saunas on February 14th, 2019

When it comes to buying a sauna, there is a huge availability of sauna supplies on the market. It’s recommended that you should look each of them until you find the one well suited for you:

Sauna Stones

Sauna stones are the most important accessories you can buy for your home sauna. This is because of the reason that they are something that set the atmosphere of the entire sauna.

If you buy stones for cheap, they can explode or not scatter the heat evenly throughout the sauna room. Therefore, it’s wise to consider buying the sauna stones available for sale at Northern Lights.

Sauna Benches

If your sauna doesn’t feature a built-in bench, it’s best to buy your own. There is nothing worse than investing your money into a sauna that doesn’t have a bench for your convenience.

Sauna benches can be a little pricey, but it’s simply because of the use of high-quality woods and other materials used to manufacture them. They have to be durable enough to last the extreme temperatures effortlessly.

Some of the benches have small shelves beneath, which can allow you to put things like towels, buckets, ladles, and water bottles comfortably. This means it will help you keep everything in the sauna properly organized and tidy.

Sauna Ladles and Buckets

A sauna bucket and ladle are important accessories for a sauna. They allow you to pour water over the hot sauna rocks. This improves steam that is beneficial for your lunges and cardiac system.

People are suffering from colds or clearing off lungs, use steam in a sauna to help them out. It’s invigorating and provides one of the best traditional sauna environments available.

These sauna buckets can be costly, but this is because of the durable materials used to manufacture them. The wood is often of high quality as it has to last the hot temperature that the saunas produce.

Sauna Backrest

More often sauna seats come with a flat backrest or no backrest at all. This seems uncomfortable and unpleasant at times. Northern Lights offers sauna backrest manufactured from Western Red cedar.

The wedge-shaped backrest can be used horizontally like a pillow or as a backrest vertically. The cedar wood improves the décor of the sauna room. This backrest is handmade, and hand sanded ensuring that there are no silvers. The cedar wood will hold up against sweat and mildew.

Sauna Thermometer

A thermometer is a must in any sauna at home. Controlling the sauna temperature for your comfort and safety is imperative. All the saunas should have a thermometer. Remember that, its placement will significantly impact its reading – the higher up will read hotter.


When it comes to buying a thermometer, the square cedar sauna thermometer by Northern Lights can be the wise purchase. This thermometer can read Fahrenheit and Celsius.


Overall there are so many sauna supplies to choose from for your sauna. Some of them are for the necessities whereas others are for comfort. Hopefully, the above-discussed accessories can help you what to purchase for your sauna. Just make sure they are right for your sauna and your specific situation.

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