How to ride your motorcycle with the group and stay safe

Posted by poojalate59 on February 14th, 2019

In India today, the number of motorcycle users is increasing each day and the tendency of that number increasing more is very high. Some people love traveling with their motorcycle in company with their friends and family. The trend is changing gradually as we can observe motorcycle groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. Most riders are interesting in riding because of the group riding. If you haven’t ridden with a group, you won’t understand that great feeling of companionship that comes with it.

Riding on your own isn’t the same as when you are riding with a group. On your own, you have control over your speed, look forward and ahead; however, the situation is different if you are riding with a group because it requires organizing and maintaining your riding position. In order to ride your motorcycle properly in a group, there are important things every rider must do. It is beyond keeping you safe while having the fun you desire on the road. If you have always anticipated going for a group ride but afraid, the following tips will make your ride organized and less dangerous as you have seen.

  •          Pick a captain to be in charge of the group and decide on the name to call such person. Furthermore, you need to make decisions on the time, preparation, the road to follow, the destination, and other relevant things. Additionally, you will need an organizer who will help prevent accidents and obstacles on the road while you get a safe and better riding experience.
  •          Pick another person to be at the tail end of the group. His position is similar to the captain and he must be conversant with the route you have decided to ply. He will know when someone has missed the way and observe the entire group properly while accounting for their safety. In the case of something dangerous happening or someone splits from the group, it will be easy for him to locate such an individual.
  •          Always try as much as possible to have similar motorcycles as other group riders. It will be quiet hard to maintain the same momentum or speed of the 150cc bike if your back runs on 100cc. therefore don’t mix your bikes because each motorcycle is designed with different fuel range, rates, and for different places.
  •          Riding with a group can be dangerous because everyone is riding side by side. The situation is different if you are riding individually; however, in a group accident can occur. Therefore, ensure to keep a far and a safe distance from each rider.
  •          Always be prepared when cornering or turning. Corners are very important when riding in groups. Everyone riding decides on his or her own line through the corners, which is why you have to look back and front when you want to make a turn.
  •          Always maintain your speed when riding with a group. You don’t have to ride faster than others. Just stay comfortable and enjoy the ride because you cannot leave the other riders in a group as all of you must ride along.
  •          For your own safety and others, ensure to look at the mirror. From time to time, you have to consciously look at the mirror to see if the riders behind you are still there. Many things happen on the road when riding with a group – a rider may have a problem with their tire, fuel, or engine. In such a situation, it behooves you to stop and get the problem sorted out if possible.

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Emmanuel Wash in this article enlightens his audience on important tips to consider when riding their motorcycle in groups. He further added that It will be quiet hard to maintain the same momentum or speed of the 150cc bike if your back runs on 100cc.

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