Tips For Creating The Perfect Dessert Table For Your Party

Posted by Helen Beauti on February 14th, 2019

Today, no wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party is complete without a signature dessert table. A well arranged and beautifully decorated dessert table is not just a place for sweets and snacks but also a way to enhance the aesthetics of the venue. They are the perfect way for you to channel your creativity and ensure that your party lingers in the minds of your guests long after they have left. You can take help from good old Pinterest for sweets and dessert table ideas for your party or hire professionals who will achieve your vision without you having to bother much.

No matter whether you decide to DIY or hire help, there are few things that you need to keep in mind when you design and set up a dessert table.

1. Choose the right place

The right place for a dessert table would mean a place that provides enough space for your guests to serve themselves. It is convenient to put it up next to a window with a pretty view or against a plain wall that you can decorate at will. Make sure that the area around the table is not cramped so that your guests don’t have to brave a stampede to get to their cake pops.

2. Set a theme

If you are planning for a dessert table for your little one’s birthday party, it is always much more fitting to stick to the theme of the party. For example, if the theme of the birthday party is space cowboys, it would be odd if your dessert table had the theme of rainbows and butterflies. For grownups, ensure that the decor of the table matches the general decor of the venue.

3. Think ombré

To create the perfect dessert table, it is important that you stick to a certain color gradient. Do not cram the table with decorations in a multitude of colors. That will just look messy. For example, you can choose different shades of pink such as blush and millennial pink, which will create a harmony. Make sure that the maximum of your desserts follow the same color scheme.

4. Add a variety of treats

The best part about a dessert table is that you can add a variety of sweets and dessert options for everyone. You can add a separate section for guests that have certain allergies or are on dietary restrictions such as gluten-free or sugar-free. You can either have one central piece such as a cake or a macaron tower and many side treats, or fill up the entire table with bite size treats like cupcakes and donuts.

5. Keep your guests in mind

One of the most important aspects of creating a dessert table is keeping in mind the age group of your guests. If the party is for children, it is recommended to keep the table simple but fun. Also, display treats that will not create a mess, such as Rice Krispie treats and cookies. For a more matured guest list, you can choose to go all out with what you put out (but definitely not Rice Krispie treats). in hindsight, everything about the dessert table, right from its decor to the desserts, depend on the guests you are expecting to serve.

There are many companies that provide these services and can give you the best birthday party sweet table ideas or ideas for dessert bars for weddings, bridal showers and so on.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about tips for creating the perfect dessert table for your party.

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