How to Dress For Your Personality Type

Posted by kamal on February 14th, 2019

The moment you walk into a room, the first noticeable thing is your dress code. According to most people, your dressing style often determines your personality. In that regard, how does that Taupe Lace Dress define you? Or better still, what types of apparel do you think bring out the best of your personality type?

Dressing & Personality

Your personality is usually a strong determinant of what style will suit you best. For instance, soft spoken women who like daydreaming often gravitate towards filly clothing pieces such as ruffles and lace. Therefore, if you didn’t have the answer to how that Taupe Lace dress defines you, there it is.

How to Choose Your Clothing Style

Do you feel like you should be changing your wardrobe? Well, you are not the only one in this situation, nor the first one. You are probably looking for something different to make your style sufficiently unique. If you feel like it is time to create a new dressing style but are not sure how to go about it, be sure to read on.

Look Around

If a friend or relative has some outfits you really admire, say a womens maxi dress, it would be a perfect place to start. Ask them where they bought it. It is recommended that you look around for what other people are putting on. You may want to check this from people with your body type. When you are an hourglass trying to check out a circular’s clothing style, you’ll still end up where you started: wrong wardrobe for your shape.

Create A List Of Your Unique Tastes

The best way to know what suits you best is to determine your likes, dislikes, interests and personality. This often helps to zero down on the ideal style for you. Most people probably already know they prefer pencil skirts or blue jeans, but they have never really given thought to what they mean to their personal style. This is why it is crucial to make a list of all those unique tastes and interests. You can then go ahead to circle some of the tastes you would wish to convey. 

Who Do You Want To Be?

This is a pertinent question to ask yourself when determining a clothing style that’s suitable to your personality. Are you buying that blue maxi dress because it defines who you want to be, or because you think it would look great on you? You see, once you figure out who you want to be, you can then start checking out for the ideal clothing suiting that person.

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