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Posted by Docscreators on February 14th, 2019

A lease is a legal document that describes the real estate purchase agreement between a real estate owner, called "landlord", and another person willing to pay the rent by occupying the property, called "o". "Lessee". "OR" tenant ".

Purchase agreement template: it is normal for the landlord to ask for employment history, references and a credit report before signing a lease to ensure the tenant's credibility.

By type

1. Commercial leases: for the use of any type of commercial, office or industrial space.

2. Condominium lease contract (condominium): housing unit belonging to an individual in a complex with other homes belonging to private individuals.

3. Hiring contract for hunting: for people who want to hunt on someone else's private land.

4. Lease contract (rental contract with purchase option): a contract that structures the lease payments in combination with the real estate payments of the property.

5. Monthly contract: also known as "Possession at will", allows the tenant and the owner to sign a legally binding contract, which can be changed with thirty (30) days’ notice.

6. Parking space lease contract: enter into a contract to park a car, a camper, an off-road vehicle or a motorcycle.

7. Room rent contract (roommate): for a roommate looking for people who wish to participate in the payment of the rent in a residential unit. This can be completed by a new roommate.

8. Standard residential rental contract: generally for a period of one (1) year, but may be for a specific period agreed by the parties.

9. Sublease (sublease): the rent of space that a tenant has for another person.

10. Rental Lease agreement templates for the holidays (short term): for a period generally of a few days between an owner, an apartment, a condominium or any other type of residence.

11. Weekly lease contract: the tenant who resides in a house and the rent is paid every seven (7) days.

The Leasing Process

Step 1: the tenant sees the space

Step 2 - Rental application

Step 3: Perform a tenant background check

Step 4: Check the references

Step 5: drafting the lease

Step 6 - Execution of the lease

Step 7 - Take the occupation

Security Deposits

A security deposit is the money the tenant gives to the landlord at the beginning of a lease to ensure that the tenant meets his conditions for the entire period. The security deposit may be subject to a holdback if the tenant:

Do not pay the rent for an indefinite and predefined period;

Pending balances at the end of the term;

Repairs necessary on the property due to damage suffered by the tenant; or the default owner. provides these services.

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