Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results

Posted by Julia Berry on February 14th, 2019

Here are the television results for the deathly matches that took place at the Ring of Honor Wrestling on 2/1/2019 for all Ring of Honor Fans. For Cheap Ring of Honor Wrestling Tickets visit Tickets4Wrestling.com.

Tracy Williams vs David Finlay

The match started with David and Tracy going back and forth with their least to most deadly attacks. This stops when Tracy receives a lethal dropkick from David and practically gets sent out of the ring before striking a tope to the outside. Tracy then makes a comeback with his chops and suplex moving ahead with his dragon sleeper to out power David. Get the Ring of Honor Wrestling Tickets at Tickets4Wrestling.com if you want to see some one on one action at the WWE’s most thrilling Wrestling Event. David fights back with a back elbow and then hits a running elbow by the corner and another running back elbow to nearly make the fall as we run into commercials.

The action continues with Tracy rocking David with a back elbow then DDTs him into the top turnbuckle before clotheslining him for a near fall. David counter attacked with a lariat back tracking Tracy for once before hitting a DVD o Tracy to nail the fall. But then Tracy hits a piledriver for the pin and wins the match.

Result:Tracy Williams defeats David Finlay via pinfall with a piledriver.


Mark Haskins vs Bandido

Mark & Bandido takes a turn in pulling each other’s legs before Mark hit Bandido with a side headlock keeping him down for a few minutes but then he relieves himself of Mark’s hold getting to his feet. Mark then hits a sunset flip for a two count sending Bandido out of the ring afore thrashing a suicide dive as we run into commercials.

Returning to the action we see that Mark hits a dragon screw leg whip in the ring and Bandido counter attacks with a jumping stomp and a corkscrew diving cross body. Bandido sends Mark out of the ring before flipping over the top rope and onto Mark at ringside. After which Bandido moves Mark back into the ring and Mark hits a falcon arrow for a near fall before the two dropkicks each other. Buy Cheap Ring of Honor Wrestling Tickets from tickets4wrestlig if you are a fan of Ring of Honor. Then we witness some back and forth forearm strikes till Bandido knockouts some variations of the GTS for a near fall.

Mark locks Bandido in an immovable state before Bandido could get to the ropes for the break and Mark instantly trails with a diving stomp for a near fall. Bandido then superkicks Mark before hitting a springboard bridging German suplex for the pin and the win.


Result:Bandido defeats Mark Haskins via pinfall with a springboard bridging German suplex.

Eli Isom vs Silas Young

The match starts with Silas taking Eli Down directing a hammer lock and chopping him off once he is on his feet. He drives a front choke to Eli, Eli then gets back on his feet and exchange some forearms with Silas until he delivers a knee to his midsection. Watch more tempting matches like this live! Get Your Ring of Honor Wrestling Tickets now. Eli then rocks Silas with a jumping back elbow then misses a springboard dropkick and before he could anything about it Silas clotheslines him off the apron and down to the floor as we go to commercials.

Coming back to the game Silas hits a slingshot foot stomp in the ring and hits a front suplex and then a back suplex for a two count. Silas lashes Eli to the corner and hits a flap jack for a near fall before locking in a choke. Eli pushes Silas from there and stuns him with an outbreak of attacks before thrashing an above belly to back suplex for a near fall. Silas then drops and slaps Eli across the face, Eli attacks back with right hands before hitting a DVD for a near fall. You’ll get to see more enticing matches like this one here by buying Ring of Honor Wrestling Tickets Discount from Tickets4wrestling. Silas finally hits a backbreaker into a lariat for a near fall and a DVD into a moonsault for a near fall.

Silas after than setting Eli at the top hits a superplex for a surprised one count and they clash until Eli gets a near fall off of a back slide. Silas then hits Misery for the pin and the win.

Result:Silas Young defeats Eli Isom to become the new number one contender for the ROH Television Championship.

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