Top 3 Essential Oils You Should Stock Up On

Posted by flowwell on February 14th, 2019

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and other botanical things such as flower petals, citrus peels, tree barks, grasses, etc., through a variety of mechanical procedures and distillation. The essence of the source plant gets captured in the essential oil which helps in transforming physical and mental health. These are commonly used in the aromatherapy. They are either inhaled as part of aromatherapy or diluted with other carrier oils like jojoba, almond, etc, after which it can be rubbed on the skin, where some plant chemicals from it get absorbed into the skin.

There are more than 90 essential oils, each with unique aromas and benefits. Since it’s not much of a practical thought to own all of them, here are 3 best essential oils to detox body:

  • Peppermint- We all know what peppermint smells like, don’t we? From our toothpastes to mouthwashes, shampoos, lip products, and even chewing gums, they all have peppermint mixed into them. Peppermint oil is made up of menthol and menthone, both of which are considered cooling agents. It is commonly used to soothe nausea, treat headaches, and kill pain on the skin. A drop of this essential oil right under your nose will keep you refreshed throughout the day.
  • Sandalwood- Known for its woodsy and sweet small, sandalwood oil contains two primary active components viz. Alpha- and beta- santalol. No wonder this is one of the most expensive oils since it offers a myriad of amazing benefits and has a great ability to blend with other carrier oils. From promoting mental clarity and focus to relieving anxiety, reducing the proliferation of skin cancer, acting as a natural aphrodisiac, fighting acne and dark spots, preventing replication of common viruses, decreasing inflammation markers in the body, this oil can do it all.
  • Lavender- This is probably one essential oil that you might have heard of so many times in your life. This sedative, powerhouse essential oil contains large proportions of linalool, linalyl acetate, eucalyptol, camphor, and antioxidants. Smelling lavender oil is known to improve the sleep quality of people with heart diseases and also of women in their post-natal period. For a smooth and glowing skin, you can apply 1 drop of this oil to a few drops of a carrier oil topically on your facial skin and massage gently.

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