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Posted by Gauri Satpute on February 15th, 2019

Middle East is thankful to Al Maya Distribution for introducing as many as 50 brands in the United Arab Emirates region. The company is a proud partner of companies like - Horlicks, Cadbury, MTR, Real, Simba, Silver Swan, Vina Milk, Beacon, Renuka, Gowardhan, Minara, Aeroplane, etc. Coconut Water by Refresh was introduced for the first time to the UAE with the help of Al Maya and it was because of Al Maya that the particular product became a big hit in the UAE. Consequently, Refresh incurred a lot of profit because of it. Pokari Sweat is another company that has been in relationship with one of the top food distribution companies of the Middle East – the Al Maya Distribution for nearly 3 decades. Each of Al Maya’s partners are all content with the business. All the Al Maya partners have reported their increasing sales after being collaborated with Al Maya Distributions. Al Maya Distribution has been rightly and justly called the ‘best distributor’ in the UAE, by its partners. The company has flourished well in different parts of Middle East and fall among the best food distribution companies in Qatar.
A wholesale distribution company essentially works to create a communion between the product manufacturer and the retailer. The manufacturer produces the product of market value while the retailer brings it to the market to sell it to the buyer. The wholesale distribution company in this scenario makes the product market-accessible. It get the manufacturer’s products and keeps them stored in a warehouse. Al Maya has a warehouse to its name which is over 1 million square feet in size. These warehouses act as dispensers for the products to the retailer or the buyers directly. If a buyer buys his or her product from the wholesale distributor directly then the price is much lower in the absence of a middle man’s profit i.e. the retailer. It goes without saying that Al Maya has a strong foothold in the Middle East. In fact, it is one of the biggest food distributors in Oman. It works throughout UAE and is also one of the largest food distributors in Iran. Barring these, the company works amazingly in Asia as well. India, Singapore and Sri Lanka are among few its territories. The company also has business in the USA, South Africa, Australia and Europe.

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