Graphic Design Trends for 2019

Posted by Nishthasharma on February 15th, 2019

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Graphic designs help one understand their world and trends place them in time. Just like in every part of your lives, you seem to be in opposition with yourself, in the same way, this year is also about contradictions.  Design trends from conflicting eras and opposing ends of the visual spectrum are all vying for attention.

These are the top trends for 2019 that you might want to know:

1. 3D design and typography:
Nowadays, three-dimensional works seem to be everywhere: you can’t help but just reach out and touch the entire composition that has so much depth. Another thing which feels ready to pop is 3D typography. One of the best parts about it is that there’s nothing which is particulars and works best for this trend: skinny, sans-serif, script, bold, and any font that can be rendered in 3D.

2. Asymmetrical Layouts:

Recently, we have observed a shift away from the rigid grid-based designs which have been the same from the past few years. Beginners who have no idea about a grid have been provided with Squarespace, Canva and other template-based design sites which help them with beautiful websites and graphics products.

Asymmetrical layouts break free from the predictable and rigid grid. They tend to deliver more movement and kinetic energy. The layout, whether in an app, on-site or on a design composition, demands attention. The user always feels an innate curiosity about what might turn out.

3. Art Deco:

After World War I, the artistic movement of modernism began and from there only the “modern” design era got its name. We have seen the trend emerging particularly in logo work.  Designers are embracing the complex line-work intense symmetry of the era’s best work while combining it with sharp metallics that would make Jay Gatsby feel right at home. This influence has been observed in typography as well.

You can consider doing a graphic designing course as well to become familiar with these trends and many more. One of the best animation institutes from where you can get a degree ZICA (Zee Institute Of Creative Art)- They have an intricate program and specialize in graphic designing and cover fundamental of Art and Design.

After this, students are exposed to the specific 3D module. By the end of the program, each student is offered three different specializations. Their main focus is to provide 30% theoretical knowledge and 70% practical learning. To get further graphic design course details, you can check out their website as well.

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