Can you pay by Credit Card in Bitcoin?

Posted by John Smith on February 15th, 2019

The cards that are used to pay with crypto currencies in shops that theoretically do not support bitcoins are an urban legend. They advertise as such and, in fact, many of them carry the MasterCard or Visa cards.

However, what they contain is actually legal tender money (Dollars, Pounds, etc ...). That's why they are internationally admitted. And for that reason, some those that are nominative can also be used in ATMs.

If you are planning to invest in crypto currencies, you can easily buy Bitcoin Credit Card.

Those who are behind these prepaid cards are the hundreds of exchange houses that exist in the world and that have proliferated so much in recent months.

These firms are dedicated to the sale of bitcoins and the most popular crypto currencies, such as ethereum, dash, and others. Many are designed to operate from the Smartphone. Commissions are usually included in the exchange rate that they advertise on the web and at points of sale. Some companies apply a commission of 3% to 4% and charge a monthly fee of 1 or 2 Dollars for maintenance. Most also charge a fixed cost for the delivery of the card.

Visa and MasterCard:

The giants of means of payment have been putting their stamp on many of these cards, but since a month ago they have begun to put a stop to this operation. The fear is spreading that a puncture of the quotation finishes causing an increase of the delinquency on the part of its million clients. There is also concern about the confusion created by cards that do not actually contain cryptocurrency. is one of the leading Sell CVV shop online.

Money exchange:

To use the services of money exchange office it is essential to open a wallet also called a wallet. It is a long code formed by letters and numbers, a kind of free public address, in which the crypto currencies we acquired are loaded. This public address is derived from the private code that each investor has and that must never be revealed.

The public address is the one used to receive the digital currency, while the private address is equivalent to the digital signature. It serves to validate the transactions with which the user spends that money. Each digital signature is only valid for one transaction.

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