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The Style Guide On Turquoise Bolo Ties - Ties To Navajo And Arizonian Culture

Posted by mountainwestern on February 15th, 2019

Bolo ties were famous among musicians too, and people such as Elvis Costello rocked these suave ornaments. What's more, men’s turquoise bolo ties are for sale and very common in popular culture, because of how Arizona has intricately placed turquoise mining with bolo tie production.

You will find these beauties online, the turquoise bolo tie is for sale in many parts of the United States. However, the mining of turquoise has become less profitable. You might wonder, why are bolo ties so popular despite this. It is because of the cultural intrigue. Highly fashionable and trendy, these neckties are still the official neckwear in Arizona, however, the agreement is non-binding as of 1971. In fact, Arizona is the most important producer of turquoise too.

What is Turquoise?

Turquoise is a rare and valuable gemstone when found in higher grades. It is considered as a prized gemstone and ornamental stone. Pliny the Elder, the naturalist knew of this wonderful gemstone as Callais. It is a mineral that has been found in Aztec history. This mineral was first brought into Europe from Turkey, as a result, it was called "turquois", the French word for Turkish.

The texture is waxy and the transparency is opaque. The colour of the stone is variable and ranges from sky blue to green depending on the amount of copper (which makes it blue) and iron (which makes it green). Despite its low hardness compared to other gems, it has good polish.

What are Bolo Ties?

Bolo ties are popular necktie consisting of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips. The use of turquoise is elegant and tasteful and common among celebrities. For example, John Travolta, when playing the role of Vincent Vega, wore a bolo tie.

Bolo tie slides and tips in silver have been part of Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Puebloan silversmithing traditions since the mid-20th century. As mentioned, male Hollywood stars made this fashion very popular. Turquoise bolo ties are on for sale due to the intricate placement of Navajo culture and Aztec history. It should be noted, that even New Mexico made non-binding agreement to make bolo ties, the official neckwear of the country.

Fashion Of The 50s

The 50s will incomplete in the United Kingdom. The trend of bolo ties goes way back when kids were smoking cigarettes and stylishly flamboyant men were finding their look. Yes, bolo ties were the norm among a cultural section called Teddy Boys who rocked the Edwardian period clothing meant "dandies."

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