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Singapore is an island city which is the 13th most expensive in the world. Although it is clean safe and green it has air-conditioned shopping malls, skyscrapers, and shops within an area of 700 square meters. People from cities around rush to Singapore for jobs. Life here is fast and many people unable to keep up with the fast pace commit suicides.

It also has a lot of counseling centers with academy certified counselors to help people suffering from stress, depression, mental health, and other ailments. People traveling far away from family and friends have nobody to lend an ear to their problems which leads to suicides.

How Depression affects people in Singapore?

When people, working in Singapore lose their near and dear ones they get disappointed and frustrated. Some get over it in time but in some people, depression is so severe that it dominates their life. In these circumstances, they require treatment to get over it. They can get in touch with an online counselor or call the AWARE Helpline and speak to the person on duty. Within three working days, they will be able to get an appointment with a counselor who will work with them to put their life on the right track.

In Singapore, around 5.8% of the adult population is known to suffer from depression. The common symptoms of depression are:

  • Loss of weight and loss of appetite
  • Persistent feeling of sadness
  • Recurring thoughts of death
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of energy
  • Inability to think clearly and concentrate

Anger Management in Singapore

There are many people who are irritable at home as well as at their place of work. They focus too much on getting results. They forget about building good relationships and getting along with people around them. When anger gets destructive they need to seek help to control their anger so that they do not spoil their relationships in the family and their colleagues.

To control anger a person needs to seek the help of a counselor or he can try to do it on his own. Here are a few tips to help a person control his anger:

  • Take time. When you get angry count till ten or take deep breaths before reacting which will help to defuse anger
  • Express anger in a constructive way. Try to express anger in a way that is nonconfrontational. One of the ways to do it is to get involved in hobbies.

Anger Management Therapy

If you find that you suffer from uncontrollable anger which leads to verbal abuse then you have to seek the help of a counselor who is Academy Certified. The counselors in Singapore are known to be experts in Asia. To get an appointment you have to call them or fill in a Request Appointment Form.

The counselors can help to bring about a positive change in your life by developing the right techniques to control your anger. They will also help to introduce constructive and positive emotions in your life.

Do you want to get treated for depression in Singapore then go to to find the best counselor for your needs?

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