5 Challenges Solved by Pre Primary Teacher Training

Posted by KaEdu on February 15th, 2019

Teaching techniques keep evolving with time. However, there are many aspects of teaching to primary and pre primary grades that always remain the same. One of those aspects is the series of challenges that stare at school administration. These challenges have been so constant that they are now an established case study in the online and classroom systems for over a decade or so.

In this article, we identify the biggest challenges that are staring at pre primary education.

#1 - Home-School Connection

Many teachers fail to establish the first bond of education – making the kid feel like home at school. The success of establishing the home-school connection is hinged on care, love and attention. Research shows that kids who are trained in a home-like environment at school achieve maturity at an early age compared to those who undergo traditional classroom training.

#2 Authentic Life Lessons

In the traditional classroom, teachers may miss out on delivering authentic life lessons related to moral science and general science. The authentic life lessons can also be understood by meeting parents and work on a feedback-based and self-improvement program.

For example, pre primary school toddlers can be taught about environmental science by taking them out in groups to garden excursions.

#3 – Linguistic Skills

The personal background can have a hampering impact on the teaching process. Indian teachers have heavily accented English and Hindi pronunciation. These are largely due to the diverse languages they speak in general life. A part of that linguistic background spills over to literacy programs. Teacher training for pre primary teachers take care of this major linguistic challenge and enable teachers to isolate their vernacular pronunciation to a great extent.

#4 – Literacy Skills

You are expected to have a basic skill level in managing the various programs designed for pre primary education. It includes literacy skills that help any teacher to master any career goal. These skills would include literacy programs in English, Computer Science, Digital, Media and global technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality that are used in education.

#5 – Internet Safety

Do you know how vulnerable school-going kids are?

With growing internet reach, teachers have to deal with a hundred new issues every day. They could vary from pre primary students using a slur or making a derogatory comment on a peer based on racial or social media trolling.

Education has to focus extensively on fortifying internet safety. In the last ten years, the average age of kids having direct access to the internet has come down to 2 years. This could be supervised by parents, but with time kids learn about the internet. Internet safety enshrined as part of pre primary education could solve many challenges that are sometimes beyond control for parents and teachers. To prevent kids from becoming aggressive and rebellious, internet safety would be essential.

If you are planning to enroll in a pre primary teacher training course, you have a good chance of learning about these challenges and get a shot at solving them with your skills.

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