Top 7 Musical Instruments for Kids With Rhythm

Posted by Thuc Ngoc on February 16th, 2019

Who didn't want to be a rock star when they grew up? It has quite common knowledge that learning, brain development and improved social skills are related to playing an instrument. So even if you hope that your child will be the next Mozart or you just want them to have an outlet for their creativity, check out the list of potential instruments that they can play and love.

1) Piano / Keyboard

Children-piano Many of us remember our parents forcing us to learn the piano and perform the readings, which is more likely to make us benefit elsewhere. In fact, it's all about the right attitude and encouragement. What children can hardly see is that learning piano or keyboard is very special because it forms the basis of many music. This is one of the few instruments in which all seven of music (melody, harmony, rhythm and motivation) can be expressed at all levels of complexity. Not only that, it is a very clear tool to learn (you can start by just pressing a key) and it is a great stepping stone for children then switch to other instruments.

2) Guitar

guitar-guitar Next piano, guitar is the most popular instrument for children to learn. Many people look to their favorite popular musicians and want to simulate them. Like piano, guitar is another great platform instrument and has the added benefit of being able to learn familiar songs easily. The guitar will not only teach them the basics of music, but also help them develop manual craftsmanship that can be applied to other instruments and other aspects of life.

3) Guitar Bass

The bass is an instrument often underestimated, but in many bands it plays a fundamental role. We often think of bassist in the background, keeping track. When we go to a concert or listen to music on beautiful speakers or headphones, it's a bass that brings depth to the song. The bass is tuned similar to the guitar but instead of the six strings, your child only works with only four, which makes the instrument much easier to manage. The fingers need to be developed a bit to play bass, so starting with a smaller string instrument like guitar, ukulele, cello or violin can be a good starting point for future bass players. Professional musicians say that a good bass player will never be short of work because this is a required tool for live acts.

4) Ukulele

ukulele-children What good about ukulele is its small size. The ukulele flock has just started to be perfect for children and can be quite easy to learn a few chords and play some familiar songs in a short period of time. And let's be fair: unlike some of our other recommendations, ukulele is a pretty quiet instrument, great if you have to listen to your kids practicing for hours!

5) Blank

drums-children Pedestrians often want their children to be quieter, not louder. But drums are very interesting and can be a great escape for children to deal with teenage aggression and anger! Blank research teaching children's rhythms is an essential element in all music. With drums, everything is built around rhythm and empty students do not necessarily learn harmony or some certain aspects of music theory can be quite psychological and a big turning point for many music student. Great news for parents today: there are currently some electronic drum kits on the market that lead to much quieter space while your kids play and listen on headphones (links). This gives them all the benefits of drums and they can only practice with headphones to turn one of the loudest instruments into one of the quietest instruments!

6) Recorder, flute and / or Clarinetrecorder-flute-child

Technically, one of the easiest beats to choose is the recorder. Many schools will have group recording classes and a simple finger chart may be enough for parents to teach children. Most teachers use the recorder as a flute or clarinet introductory instrument, both using a similar finger system. The recorder is very portable and it teaches important starting techniques of woodwoods, breathing and finger positioning. When a child spends some time with a tape recorder, they are ready to deal with the more difficult statements of a flute or a clarinet, or other woodwood instruments.

7) Saxophonesax-children

Saxophone is another woodwind instrument popular in music students. Its versatility is what makes it a great instrument choice, finding a position in many genres including R&B, Rock, Blues and Jazz! There are several different size saxophones including soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, and it creates a great interference with clarinet and flute.

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