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Posted by advancetech on February 16th, 2019

In other words, the lux is a unit of measurement of brightness, or more accurately, illuminance. The illumination is how level of luminous flux is falling on a surface area. The luminous flux is visible component that is defined in radiant flux (light power) divided by relative sensitivity of human eyes over the visible spectrum. This means the Lux is well fit to light level from sense of human eyes. Lux is ultimately deriving from the candela, the standard unit of measurement for the power of light.

A candela is a fixed amount, roughly equivalent to the brightness of one candle. While the candela is a unit of energy, it has an equivalent unit known as the lumen, which measures the same light in terms of its perception by the human eye. One lumen is equivalent to the light produced in one direction from a light source rated at one candela. The lux takes into account the surface area over which this light is spread, which affects how bright it appears. One lux equals one lumen of light spread across a surface one square meter.

Working of Lux Meter

Measuring lighting or the illumination of an environment requires the use of an the  lux Meter is a device for measuring brightness. It specifically measures the intensity with which the brightness appears to the human eye. This is different than measurements of the actual light energy produced by or reflected from an object or light source.

The  lux Meter works by using a photo cell to capture light. The meter then converts this light to an electrical current. Measuring this current allows the device to calculate the lux value of the light it captured.

The  lux Meter is a light meter’s calculation of illuminance is done by using the Point Source process.  The measure of the lux light meter varies depending on the light’s intensity and distance.  If a point source has no reflections, a portion of the produced light reaches a surface.

Applications of Lux meter

I) Photography and Video Filming. By measuring the light in luxes, photographers can adjust their shutter speed and depth of field to get the best picture quality. The device can also be very useful for filming outdoor scenes of television programs or movies as it allows adjustments to make sure scenes filmed in different light levels have a consistent brightness on screen.

ii) Health and Safety regulations: It can be used to check whether the brightness of a room is enough to meet any rules designed to protect workers from suffering damage to their eyesight. Using a lux meter takes into account the size of the room in a way that simply measuring the intensity of the light source in lumens would not.

iii) Photographic Measurements; It also measures the photography subject’s illuminance.  When using a lux light meter, the photographer can determine the aperture number and the exposure setting.

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