5 Reasons Why Darts is a Great Family Game

Posted by grv on February 17th, 2019


Do you enjoy playing games with your family? Games are great ways for parents and kids to spend quality time together, rather than simply watching TV.

Hopefully, your family already has some favorite games, but if you're looking for a new game that everyone will love, you should consider darts.

Darts is more than just a game for bars. Adding a simple dartboard to your home is an easy, and inexpensive way to provide some quality entertainment.

Of course, babies and toddlers are not quite ready for darts, but it's a great game for ages 6 and up. Now, let's look at some of the specific reasons why.

1. It's Fun!

Darts can be fun for kids and adults. It's a game that kids are likely to enjoy even more as they improve their skills, and you'll never outgrow the game. If you're looking for games to play with your kids, but you don't really enjoy "kid" games, you may really love darts.

2 - There are Many Different Games You Can Play

There are countless versions and varieties of darts. You can find descriptions of the different dart games and rules online. Changing up the games makes it fun and can allow you to play more frequently or for longer periods of time without getting bored. You can even make up your own games if you want (kids love this).

3 - It's Safe

One of the many reasons why families don't have a dartboard in their home gameroom is because of safety concerns. However, electronic dartboards and soft-tipped darts are a great answer to this. If your kids are young, it's perfectly understandable that you wouldn't want to have sharp steel-tipped darts being thrown around. Soft-tipped darts are safe, and will also cause no damage to walls. Admittedly, electronic dartboards that use soft-tipped darts are a little more expensive than the traditional bristle dartboard, but you can still find them at very reasonable prices.

4 - It's Inexpensive

Compared to some of the other popular options for gamerooms (like pool, foosball, ping pong, and air hockey), darts is very inexpensive. All you need is a cheap dartboard and some darts. Many dartboards even come with the darts.

If you get more serious about it, you can buy a nicer quality dartboard or custom darts and dart flights, but this is definitely not neccesary.

5 - It Doesn't Take Up a Lot of Space

The dartboard is hung on your wall and lays flat. You'll need a little bit of space to be able to play the game, but when it's not being played, it takes up virtually no space. It's not like pool, foosball, ping pong, or air hockey where you'll have a large table that is always going to be taking up space. You can even take the dartboard outside if you want to.

For all of these reasons, darts is a great game for families. If you have kids over 6 years old, you may want to consider adding a dartboard to your home gameroom. As mentioned earlier, an electronic board would be a great choice if you have young kids. I don't recommend the magnetic dartboards. Although they may sound nice, the magnets usually don't stick very well and you wind up with most of the darts on the floor, which takes away from the fun of the game.

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