Application and Use of Silane Coupling Agent KH-560 (Silane CFS-838)

Posted by cfmats on February 18th, 2019

Industry Application:
1. The silane coupling agent KH-560 can be used in the surface treatment agent on the glass fiber roving. Applications include glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites that improve the physical properties of composites, especially wet strength. 

2. KH-560 has the effect of enhancing the physical properties of mineral-filled polymers such as silica-filled epoxy. It is used to improve the dispersibility, compatibility, adhesion and adhesion in the resin phase by surface treatment of inorganic mineral pigments (such as silicon micropowder), flame retardants (such as magnesium hydroxide, etc.) and glass fibers. 

3. It is an epoxy-containing coupling agent for caulking and sealant of polysulfide and polyurethane, adhesive for epoxy resin, filled or reinforced thermosetting resin, glass fiber adhesive and It is an inorganic filler or glass reinforced thermoplastic resin. It can improve the adhesion, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, water boiling resistance and scrub resistance of the resin coating, prolong the service life, and improve the dispersibility and bonding of the pigment and filler in the resin phase. When used in the coatings industry, it can significantly improve the adhesion of the paint film to hydroxyl-containing substrates on glass, metal and other surfaces, and has water and stain resistance. 

4. KH-560 is particularly suitable for the surface treatment of fillers in epoxy composites, such as epoxy-type integrated electronic materials and printed circuit boards, to improve the adhesion between the resin and the substrate or filler. It can improve the dispersibility of the filler in the polymer and improve the mechanical and electrical properties of the composite. 

5. KH-560 can enhance the electrical properties of many inorganic-filled nylon, polybutylene terephthalate composites. For a wide range of fillers and substrates, it includes: quartz-filled epoxy sealant, pre-mixed formulation; sand-filled epoxy resin concrete repair material or coating; epoxy resin material for molding tools and metal filling.

6. KH-560 can be used as an additive to improve the adhesion of acrylic latex joint compounds. It can improve the adhesion of various adhesives, such as the adhesion of two-component epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy coatings to glass, metal and other substrates. Besides, it promotes the attachment of polymeric coatings, paints or adhesives to glass, metal or other polymer surfaces. 

Product use:
1. When the silane coupling agent KH-560 is used as a resin additive, the amount of silane added is generally 1% by weight of the resin solids, and the optimum amount of the additive in each specific application should be determined by testing several concentrations. 

2. When used as a primer, KH-560 uses 49.5 parts of silane and 0.5 part of organic amine such as benzyldimethylamine (mixture A) with about 950 parts of methanol, isopropanol or ethylene glycol. Alternatively, a prehydrolyzed primer may also be prepared by adding 5 parts of water and 1,000 parts of the above primer solution. In either case, the primer solution should be applied to a solid surface of glass or metal and the polymer then hot pressed or cured onto the surface. 

3. KH-560 can be applied to the inorganic surface in the form of a dilute aqueous solution (0.1 to 0.5% silane). When preparing the aqueous solution, it is only necessary to add silane to water, stir it, and then treat the inorganic filler and pigment (note: if KH-560 is not stirred well when added to water, it may cause local high concentration, which may form colloidal particles.) It is generally recommended to adjust the pH of the silane solution to 3.5 to 6 with an organic acid such as acetic acid. 

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