Pure Silicone Oil

Posted by cfmats on February 18th, 2019

Lotime is a grease made of thickened lubricating oil (mineral or synthetic) with silica gel as a thickening agent. Pure silicone oil is an insulating paste made of modified fluorosilicone oil, ultra-pure insulating filler and functional additives.Pure silicone oilis used for assembly lubrication of rubber, plastic and metal sensitive to most greases such as ternary isopropyl rubber (EPDM), styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) and natural rubber (NR). It has excellent high voltage resistance, waterproof and anti-creep performance, whih is suitable for high voltage cable accessories (10kv or above power cable joints and switch accessories) and electrical insulators to prevent  corona release and arc elimination, and functions as insulation, creepage resistance, seal lubrication and moisture resistance. 

Composition and properties:
As a thickener, it is usually light silica (also known as white carbon black or fumed silica), and has a very small specific surface (100 to 200 m 2 /R or more than 200 m 2 /R) and a fine particle size (1 μm or less). It is poor in water and cannot be thickened directly and must be modified. Silica gel can directly thicken high-viscosity silicone oil. For example, adding a structural modifier, it can be made into vacuum silicone grease, damping silicone grease and red leaf electronic toy pad printing adhesive. 

Performance characteristics:
Excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability, high flash point and low freezing point; The high temperature of silicone rubber cable accessories does not swell, and is compatible with most plastics and rubber; Excellent water resistance and sealing, resistance to polar and non-polar solvents, weak acid and weak base, and extremely long service life; Wide operating temperature range, thermal stability up to 180 ° C; Excellent anti-wear performance, very low friction coefficient and strong carrying capacity; Excellent adhesion and lubricity, good compatibility with rubber parts and plastics; 

Widely used in the equipment and equipment parts of the electronics industry and aerospace industry. Silica gel can be converted into hydrophobic silica gel after being treated with organic alcohol or silicone to thicken mineral lubricating oil. At the same time, dispersing agent can be added to make silica gel-mineral oil grease, which is used as high temperature grease. Used for high-voltage generator, high-voltage electrical connector, battery connector, high-pressure radiation machine, piercing wire clamp at the toothed mouth of the insulation, sealing, moisture, anti-corrosion, various metal / plastic, metal / rubber joint surface assembly Lubricant. Suitable for lubrication protection of rubber seals, long-term lubrication between rubber, plastic and metal parts and reducing friction. Assembly lubrication of linear moving parts in contact with brake oil in automotive brake systems, such as pistons and EPDM seals; seal lubrication between the locating pin of the vacuum brake booster, the sliding shield, the piston plate and the plunger. 

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