Demand for Functional Silanes is Growing Rapidly, with Domestic Demand Reaching

Posted by cfmats on February 18th, 2019

In 2017, the global functional silane production capacity was about 574,000 tons/year, the output was about 376,000 tons, the capacity utilization rate was 65.5%, and the production capacity and output increased by 6.1% and 7.1% respectively. The main growth driver came from China. In 2017, the global consumption of functional silane was about 378,000 tons.

I. The production of functional silanes

In 2017, the effective total production capacity of China's functional silane production enterprises was about 377,400 tons/year, the output was about 222,300 tons, and the consumption was 153,600 tons, which was 7.5%, 11.5% and 11.3% higher than 2016.

II. The consumption of functional silanes

From the perspective of the downstream market, the currently growing market is followed by composite materials, coatings, metal surface treatment and building waterproofing, adhesives and others. In terms of increments, the larger driving force for the expansion of the domestic market in the future is composite materials and “green tires”.

III. The foreign trade of functional silanes 

In 2017, the export volume of functional silane in China reached 71,700 tons, and the import volume was about 0.41 million tons.
In 2017, China's exported silane products were mainly sulfur-containing silanes, accounting for 49.7% of the total, and cross-linking agents accounted for 20.0%.
In 2017, China imported a total of 4,136 tons of functional silane.

IV. The forecast of supply and demand balance as well as medium and long-term market

SAGSI expects that the demand for silane in the Chinese market will reach 166,800 tons in 2018, the output will reach 238,300 tons, and the net export volume will be around 69,000 tons.

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