Soaring Use as Food additive to Provide Impetus to the Prospect of Calcium Propi

Posted by arslan on February 17th, 2019

The United States Food and Drug Administration has placed no limitations when it comes to the use of calcium propionate in foods and has classified it under the category generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Calcium propionate is instrumental in the food landscape owing to its fungistatic effect—it can prevent the accumulation of mildew in foods. In addition, calcium propionate discourages naturally occurring bacteria from feeding through blocking the enzymes needed for bacteria to grow. The market for calcium propionate has gained traction for its role stretches beyond food additive; as it has found some application in the manufacture of butyl rubber, making the process of rubber easier and shielding it from scorching in the course of manufacture.

These introductory actionable insights are according to the report titled, “Calcium Propionate Market—Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2026,” which has been lately added to the extensive repository of Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE). In terms of market share, the market for calcium propionate is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of close to 4% during the forecast period 2018-2026.

McDonald, in 2018 removed calcium propionate from its buns to provide quality choices to its customers. Calcium propionate is linked with the inducement of migraine headaches and inhibiting stomach’s ability to heal inflammation. These factors are estimated to derail the growth of calcium propionate market.

Given calcium propionate is also used in sports drinks, beverages, market for calcium propionate is projected to gain impetus. Calcium is regarded as vegan-friendly as it does not need to be extracted from an animal source, however, it is not recommended for lactating mother and pregnant women.

The report offers a comprehensive analysis on calcium propionate market for the assessment period 2018-2026 through qualitative and quantitative analysis. The report further states the dynamics including drivers, trends, opportunities and restraints that have significant impact in the growth of the market. Furthermore, the report offers an apt segregation to provide a holistic view of the Calcium propionate market. The report is segregated on the basis of application and region.

The report starts with preface followed by executive summary and market overview section. The market overview section elucidates key trend analysis, value chain analysis, industry SWOT analysis and Porters’ Five Force Analysis. The value chain analysis focuses on supply chain and profit margin analysis while Porters’ five Force analysis focuses on the competitive landscape of the market. The report also includes market attractiveness analysis where segments are benchmarked on the basis of their growth rate, market size and general attractiveness.

The last section offers actionable insights on the competitive landscape of the Calcium propionate market with a dashboard view, market structure analysis, company share analysis, competition position index, competition development—mergers, acquisitions and expansion— and competition deep dive. The final section incorporates company overview, strategies, product portfolio, and recent developments. Competitors of the market included in the report are A.M. Food Chemical Co. Limited, Cargill Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company and Chr. Hansen Holding A/S, among others.

Report on the Calcium propionate market is the result of a dynamic research methodology incorporating comprehensive primary and secondary sources. Primary sources have succored in offering actionable insights on the Calcium propionate market, while exhaustive analysis gained from secondary sources have been verified taking those assessments from primary sources into consideration. The market value projections has been evaluated on the basis of absolute dollar opportunity analysis and Y-o-Y projections.

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