What is laser engraving? And discover what makes us different?

Posted by John Smith on February 18th, 2019

Laser engraving is a process that takes place without contact through "what you record" and the object to be recorded in question. It is said that the laser beam produces a kind of wear on the material or the piece that will be cut or engraved. Similarly, the Acrylic engraving depth level or level of wear can range from microns to everything the laser force allows.

In addition, there are surfaces such as metal or plastic engraving, on which this ray produces a chemical reaction that generates a different coloration to where the change has been applied, this is called laser marking.

What are laser engraving machines?

The engraving laser machines are very versatile equipment thanks to the fact that the laser can be implemented to materials of different varieties, such as plastic (without PVC), marble, leather, Traffolyte engraving, wood, acrylic, ceramics, rubber, glass, among others. Likewise, it is important to recognize that the laser cutting and engraving process is carried out quickly, and with this, you can obtain high-quality results.

It is important to recognize that depending on the application with which the work process is going to be carried out with the laser engraving and cutting machine, the work area and the power factors will play a very important part when deciding the right machine with which will be worked.

Laser engraving:

Hamilton-rand.co.uk is the leader in customized solutions for all sectors.

We know that the priorities are different in each of the projects and we give different solutions to each case.
At Hamilton-rand.co.uk, it is essential to be the supplier chosen as the first option by companies that look for integral professional laser cutting solutions.

Discover what makes us different:

Cutting-edge technology:

We Hamilton-rand.co.uk have laser cutting machines of the last generation and high performance, suitable for laser engraving in metal and any type of surfaces. The service of laser engraving is completed with equipment for inserts which has been recently integrated and which allows incorporating threads in the pieces already cut for later assembly.

Infinite applications:

Laser engraving technology is present in our lives through numerous everyday objects of very different shapes and sizes. For this reason, our laser engraving equipment in the UK allows us to record on flat and curved surfaces to respond to applications as varied as the electronics, automotive or healthcare industry.

Specialized team:

We have a human team dedicated exclusively to laser engraving which is why it is highly specialized and offers a quality result on time, in a productive and efficient way.

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