Understanding the Cause of Drastic Fall in Call and Internet Rates Since 2016

Posted by Ritika Ahuja on February 18th, 2019

Gone are the days when you have limitations on making a call or using the data by the telecom companies because of the high rates. With the accent of 2016, there has been witnessed and huge price reduction on telecom prices. Something which used to cost around 1000 INR one costs only 200 INR.

Before 2016, users used to save their data and calling minutes so as for the time of emergencies. You used to check consumption before making each call or using data because of the high prices. Now, there are prepaid as well as postpaid plans which are way cheaper than the earlier times. The telecom companies are offering, unlimited calling facilities to the customers and also almost unlimited data for a month at a very affordable price.

here has to be a number of reasons associated with this drastic fall in prices. Hence, in this article will briefly talk about those reasons which lead to the fall in prices of calls and data.

Reliance Jio in the Indian market

Reliance Jio entered the market and grabbed the market from its throat. The company offered those services and at dirt cheap prices that in no time, most of the consumer shifted to it. Jio provided free connections and also 6 months of free services after which the rates of services where were barely anything when compares to the prevailing market rates.

In order to get back the lost customers, other telecom companies also were compelled to reduce the prices of data and calls. This is a huge reason which leads to price reduction. The companies then started offering unlimited calls and almost 2GB of data at almost 200 INR which is great from the consumer point of view.

Global reason for the reduction of prices

The rates for call and internet was very different from that of India. In fact, the Indian rates for calls and internet were much high than that of foreign, developed countries. Indian is a developing country and is considered to be one of the most powerful countries. Hence, in competition with the other developed countries, the price reduction was perhaps very much needed.

Back in time making a call abroad meant a huge blow at your packet but now with unlimited calling facilities provided by almost all the telecom companies is a boon. To avail, this amazing facility make you Airtel recharge now!

Connecting India via the internet

As per our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi the vision of Digital India Campaign was not possible until and unless all of India was connected via the internet. In a country like India where a significant amount of population is living under the poverty line, it is very difficult for those people to afford high rates internet and call plans; hence, in order to make these services available to every aspect of the society, the price cuts took place.

The low rates facilitated everyone from high class to lower class people to buy connections and actively participate and be aware of the happening in the nation. The dream of Digital India was successful but still has miles to go. Vodafone is another such company providing services at dirt cheap prices so, make your Vodafone recharge today to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Every commodity or service revolves around customer demand

There has been a demand for lower calling and internet rates in India for a long time but no telecom company was ready to do so because the customers had no other option but to purchase the high priced services. With the entrance of Jio, this demand of the consumer was fulfilled and they shifted from other telecom companies to join.

Customer demand played a very important role in the reduction of calling and internet rates. Had companies not worried about losing customers, this change would never have been possible. The consumer makes a company. A company in literal senses is nothing without a good client base.

This price cut was the need of the hour and a very smart move played by Reliance Jio and the smart shift of consumers lead to this drastic change. What earlier cost 1000 INR now cost only 200 INR.

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