How stress can be a major cause of infertility and how to reduce that?

Posted by motherhood on February 18th, 2019

Infertility, it is a silent and deep struggle of a woman. Reports say that the patients, who are continuously struggling to conceive are more likely to have feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, and isolation. From several studies, it also found that 1 in 8 couples (nearly 12% of the married woman) have trouble in getting pregnant who are stressed over time. They can’t share their stories with their family, friends, because of which their stress level also creases. The inability to reproduce can cause a feeling of shame, regret, guilt, and low confidence. All these negative feelings lead to depression, anxiety and bad quality of life.   

The woman, who undergo assisted reproductive treatment (ART) like In Vitro fertilization treatment, IUI fertility treatment, egg donation or test tube baby, are at significant risk of experiencing many psychiatric disorders. That’s why we Motherhood fertility centre, which is one of the best fertility centre in Hyderabad recognize and assist the patients not to have stressed. If they are getting the problem at any phase, we will guide them.

Because of our acknowledgment towards the patients, we are becoming one of the best IVF center in Hyderabad, egg donation centers in Hyderabad or top test tube baby center in Hyderabad

We are now providing some practical ways for women, who are trying to get pregnant and reduce their stress.

Take your partner’s support:

Several studies show that men act differently than a woman to handle infertility-related stress. More often women want social, moral support from their partner because he is the one who can be always with her, whatever may be the situation. She thinks that he can understand better than others. That’s why they want constant attention. So, spend more and more time together, which can be very much effective for reducing stress.

Change your attitude:

Thinking like everybody can get pregnant so easily, and why this happened to me. This negativity leads the women towards disappointment and stressed. Remember that if getting pregnant is so easy, then there is no need for fertility centres. Improve positivity within you and beat your infertility by your intense desire of positivity. Motherhood fertility centre, the best fertility treatment centers in Hyderabad is always with you towards this journey of positivity.

Stay active:

Continue your activities and enjoy it, otherwise, the pregnancy becomes the sole focus. Whatever your passion, or love to do, nourish the skills. It will give you mental satisfaction and helps to boost the serotonin level, which is a mood enhancer.

Be relaxed:

Allow yourself to be relaxed and to experience all the senses of your surroundings. It enables to slows down the heart rate and lowers the blood pressure level. We, as the best fertility centers in Hyderabad, suggests our patients to take the help of meditation, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation to be relaxed. These help you in many ways.


Walking, swimming, yoga, meditation, all these exercises take you off from the stress and also provide additional benefits. Because extra body fat produces excess estrogen, which hampers in ovulation. High energy workouts like running stimulate the release of endorphins can make the matter worse for those women who are already stressed. So, take care of yourself by doing normal exercises.

Get individual counselling or group support:

A woman who is very much stressed for not getting pregnant requires someone who can sympathize. That’s why we, Motherhood fertility centre, the best infertility hospital in Hyderabad, give counselling to avoid their confusions, sadness, and frustration.


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