Top 5 Reasons Of Why You Should Opt For Insulation

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on February 18th, 2019

A well-constructed and insulated industrial or commercial building is not just safe but also energy efficient. Toady, with the guidelines set down by OSHA, it is important for buildings to install insulation panels that are of a high quality and standard. They are many types of insulation material available for commercial constructions. Insulated metal panels are one of the most convenient options as they are easy to install and have a high degree of design flexibility. There are many companies that provide insulated steel panels in Ontario. However, do proper research before you make a decision.

Here are few benefits of insulating commercial or industrial buildings:

1.Save energy

This is probably one of the most important advantages of insulating a commercial building. An insulation system that is properly designed and installed can significantly lower the energy consumption of the building. A lowered energy cost does not just save money, it also helps in protecting the environment. Moreover, you can expect excellent return on investment as it is a low-risk investment. The saved energy cost can continue for the lifetime of the building. Companies that provide insulated steel panels in Ontario and other cities can give you an exact figure of the total cost savings.

2.Prevent condensation

Preventing condensation is especially important in industrial buildings like warehouses. In places where the equipment operates at temperatures lower than the surrounding air, the moisture in the air condenses or sometimes freezes within or on top of the equipment. This leads to corrosion and other issues like mold growth. To prevent this, you must install a insulation panels with sufficient thickness so that it is able to keep the temperature of the surface above the highest dew point.
3.Fire protection

Insulated panels are one of the most effective ways to reduce the possibility of an industrial or even domestic fire. Some of these panels are made of material that are non-combustible, such as fiberglass and mineral wool. They prevent the fire from turning critical and also prevent it from spreading.

4.Noise level reduction

A good insulation system helps reduce noise levels in the building by absorbing sound that is emitted from the surroundings and eliminating sound at the source, which is in line with the OSHA guidelines. Loud noise can not just degrade the working environment but also affect the worker’s health as well as their productivity. Manufacturing noises are extremely loud, and if not dealt with properly, can cause communication problems as well as health problems. Insulation prevents outside noises from entering the building and absorbs whatever sound is produced inside it.

5.Worker safety

A building that is insulated properly is not just safe from safety hazards but is also beneficial for those that work inside it. Insulation lowers surface temperature and prevents accidental burns. This results in increased safety for the personnel and decreased downtime due to their injury. It is essential that you adhere to the highest standards to ensure the protection of your workers.

If you live in Canadian cities like Ontario, insulated steel panels or other metal panels can prove beneficial during winters to trap the heat and make the inside of your building warmer without much energy consumption.

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