Choosing the Right Reception Desk for your Business

Posted by Office Furniture on February 18th, 2019

A reception desk is the first thing that people see when entering a business. It is an often-neglected part of a business’s office space but it is actually one of the most crucial for getting just right. Principally, having the right look can make or break any business decisions that take place. After all, we all know that many people do choose books by their covers.

Practical yet Inviting

Reception areas and waiting rooms are places that need to function well. They cannot just be decorative spaces with welcoming lights, plants and sounds. They must be practical too. Choosing the right desk and seating for this area is of utmost importance to a business. Having a good reception area can set a business apart from its competitors.

Despite not necessarily being the place of productivity in an office, the reception area should be big enough to cope with your business’s demands and the size of the desk space should reflect this. When all is said and done, no one wants to visit an office where there is not enough space to sign in to the building or to sit comfortably while waiting for a meeting. Nobody wants to sit in an area that is dark and cramped.

A Window into the Soul of the Business

We’ve heard the adage that our eyes are the windows to our soul. Well, the same can be said about business reception areas. The reception is a true reflection of the inner workings and successes of a business. It is often what visitors remember a business by and therefore the logo and colors inside the area should reflect your business’s vision in order to leave a good impression with guests. Traditional businesses might opt for wooden desks and plants whereas those more contemporary or creative businesses might go for something to fit their Modus Operandi, perhaps opting for quirky prints and colorful seating. Whatever it is you choose, a good reception desk is probably the largest and most important item of furniture within the business’s reception space.

Making a Firm Choice

In order to choose the right reception desk, businesses need decide upon what it is that they want their clients and visitors to take away as their first and last impression. Once a business has an identity, whether that be more quirky, contemporary or traditional, it will be easier to choose reception desk furniture to suit the company’s needs.

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