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Posted by Office Furniture on February 18th, 2019

When we think of the color white, it is generally associated with hygiene and cleanliness. White furniture can help brighten up the office, especially those that have smaller spaces. White desks are modern looking and help you create an environment that looks professional and neat. White office furniture was not extremely popular in the past but in recent years it has gained more traction especially with office space being at a premium. Choosing a white desk allows you to have more furniture in a space without it appearing cramped as white also reflects light and gives a feeling of openness.

The trend behind white furniture

White desks started becoming popular in the early 2000s. This appears to be mainly due to the technology of the era which was often branded in white or on white backgrounds. This meant that having a white desk was seen as being more tech-savvy and futuristic. White is still seen as clean and edgy today and in the modern office, a white desk is not out of place.

More reasons to choose a white desk

White blends with almost any decor. You can change the decor in the office without having to change the furniture, which can be a large business expense. If you decide to re-brand, change company colors and logos and so forth, your new look can incorporate the white furniture you already own, again saving costs.

White is bright and cheery

It has been shown conclusively that a lighter, more spacious appearing office is conducive to productivity. A white desk reflects light making the office appear brighter and giving the illusion of increased space. The lighter color also improves alertness and energy, helping staff stay awake and focused

A white desk is versatile and can fit in well into almost any office. You can blend your white desk with a variety of decor options as well as add your personal touches without it appearing garish in contrast. Choose white desks for a modern, uplifting, clean look to the office especially if your office is not overly large.

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