Why is early childhood education so important?

Posted by Nishthasharma on February 19th, 2019

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Education plays an essential role in moving the economy of the country forward and as parents, you would want to provide your kids with the best of facilities and to enroll them in a good school will only help them succeed in life and holistic development.

For that, the first step towards the world of education is when you enroll your kid in a playschool as it promotes learning and development. Below are some reasons why schooling should start from an early page.

1) A brain of the child starts developing at a very early age. For instance, if your child is of the age one, then about 70 percent of the brain has been designed and by the time they are three its 90 percent. It is during this time that genes interact with experience, providing a foundation, learning, behavior, and health.

2) A playschool will help your child to achieve school readiness goals by prepping them up with skills and knowledge which is of great value when you enter school. Many types of research have shown that children who have rich early learning experiences are better prepared to thrive in kindergarten and beyond.

3) What makes a playschool a safe environment, enjoyable and your source of education is the teachers and caregivers. As a parent, you can have peace of mind and reassurance that your child is in safe hands and with adults who are skilled enough and very well know how to support your child’s early development.

4) Children who are enrolled in playschool India have the ability to learn faster and more than one can comprehend. Kids by then have an innate number sense that, by preschool, makes them ready to start learning math.

5) What you study in the early years is what builds your foundation and shapes long-term health and success. Economist James Heckman analyzed research of a decades-long study that commenced in 1972, found that kids who received full-day care that consisted of meals, games, and activity—are actually healthier as adults, with lower rates of high blood pressure and obesity, than kids who didn’t receive such services.

Hence, playschool is the foundation of any child, that is where they learn the basics of life. One of the most excellent preschools that cater to any parents need is Kidzee. They are committed towards quality child education along with complementing aspects of self-reliance, soci

School admission of kidzee is now open as well.

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