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Global Airport Retailing Consumer Electronics Market Assessment & Development

Posted by Arslan on February 19th, 2019

The report on “airport retailing consumer electronics market forecast, trend analysis and competition tracking – global market insights, 2018-2028” is a comprehensive report covering various aspects circling the airport retailing consumer electronics apropos to sales and adoption. The airport retailing consumer electronics market report offers key insights on dynamics impacting growth of airport retailing consumer electronics market. The airport retailing consumer electronics market report includes historical data analysis, current airport retailing consumer electronics scenario and future projections. These projections are carried out for a period of 10 years, from 2018 till 2028.

Airport Retailing Consumer Electronics Companies Eye Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets

According to a report by Airports Council International, emerging economies, including China, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia, are likely to account for more than 60% of the global air passenger traffic by 2040. With the increasing air activities in developing countries, regions such as Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa (MEA) remain one of the leading attractions for airport retailing consumer electronics vendors.

This is expected to encourage players in the airport retailing consumer electronics market to expand their footprint in MEA and Asia Pacific in the upcoming years. Dufry AG, a Swiss travel retailer and a leading player in the airport retailing consumer electronics market, recently signed a new contract to operate a 2,300 m² with two duty-free stores at Perth Airport Pty Ltd (PAPL), Australia. The company’s goal to establish a stronger foothold in Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Australia is underpinned by its significant investments in its travel retail stores at popular airports in these regions, such as Sharjah International Airport.

Another player in the airport retailing consumer electronics market – Royal Capi-Lux recently announced to have signed a contract to open a consumer electronics store covering 447sq m of space at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s new Midfield Terminal. The company has already opened a franchise electronics store at Muscat International Airport’s new terminal, which has capacity for 20 million passengers a year. Market players are sensing highly lucrative growth opportunities at large and busy airports in emerging economies, which is redefining the growth prospects of the airport retailing consumer electronics market in developing countries.

Challenges Prevail in Improving Airport Retailing Consumer Electronics Sales at Less Ubiquitous Airports

Retailers are still struggling to establish a stronger position in the airport retailing consumer electronics market, despite the recent positive developments in the airport retail industry. Market players are becoming more aware about the fact that airport retailing consumer electronics business models that work for busy airports may misapply for less-popular airports.

Market players continue to face barriers in enhancing the consumer footfall in airports at obscure and less-discovered tourist destinations, amid increasing growth of the e-commerce industry. In order to improve sales at less ubiquitous airports, vendors in the airport retailing consumer electronics market are focusing on unique end-user requirements. Airport retailing consumer electronics market players are adopting strategies to address critical needs of diverse consumer groups, envisaging positive growth at less crowded airports.

Opportunities Abundant for Airport Retailing Consumer Electronics Vendors

Large and busy airports worldwide are concentrating on leveraging the potential of non-aeronautical or commercial income from airport retail activities, as it serves as an important source of funds for investment. Additionally, purchasing trends of air transport passenger have extended beyond shopping for food, beverages, and kitschy souvenirs to luxury retails and purchasing consumer electronics, creating lucrative avenues for vendors of airport retailing consumer electronics. Furthermore, duty-free imported consumer electronics, exclusive products, and credible brands continue to coax consumers to indulge into unplanned buying, which is expected to accelerate sales of airport retailing consumer electronics in the coming future.

Competitive Landscape

The Fact.MR report provides comprehensive information about recent developments in the airport retailing consumer electronics market. With the help of detailed financial information about leading airport retailing consumer electronics market players, the report helps readers to understand the competitive landscape of the airport retailing consumer electronics market. The airport retailing consumer electronics market players featured in the report are Durfy AG, Crystal Media, Royal Capi-Lux ('Capi'), InMotion, Dubai Duty Free, Lagardere Travel Retail, Bahrain Duty Free Shop Complex, and Regstaer Duty Free.

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